XIN-MO -- 2-player PC/PS3 board

Hi all,

did a quick forum search and this PCB has only been mentioned in 2 other posts.

It’s a common-ground board AND (somehow) 2-player, and they even give you a wire harness for only $29! :wow:

Only downside I can see is the lack of a Home button, and that it’s wired with .187" QDs.

Found here: @GroovyGameGear

Well thats not bad for some mame setups especially for that price

Is it me or the vast majority of SRK focuses more on consoles over MAME or other emulators. The number 1 most modded controller seems to be the Mad Catz TE line over any other stick, followed by Hori Hrap series and the Mad Catz SE. That should tell you something of the majority of SRK.
That could be why there is not much mention of this board before. I did not knew it existed till now.
And the .187 DQ (found in electronics and Auto-part stores) I think are more common than the .110 we are used to for Japanese style push buttons. The larger mame community are more fond of Happs and IL “American/European” style parts than Japanese parts. “American/European” style parts use .187 DQs

I have the 1P version of this board and would like to know if firmware 3.50/3.56 still accepts it

What exactly are you going to use it for anyway? PC/MAME or PS3?

No home button makes me sad. Though damn is that thing tiny (but for small installs you always have the DualStrike SMD)…
Also, so what if its wired up to .187 QDs? Just remove them.

Fighting game tournaments are mostly held on consoles. I’ve yet to hear of one held with MAME.

The wire harness isn’t soldered on to it anyway. Also, it might simply be easier to cut and re-crimp the existing harness.

looks awesome! but, ;__; they don´t ship to Chile u.u

Remove them from the pins or just recrimp. I looks like you could do away with more than half of that cable for most sticks though, it looks like its more configured for a cabinet where the cables need to travel quite some distance.

Well it looks like it’s wired for complete cabs and not sticks.

Considering it’s a 2-player board, it will probably be located somwhere in the middle so the wires will need to reach both sides.

I could potentially seeing myself using this for a PS3 cab.

Would have to change the button QDs though, yeah.

We also have the same board and have been selling it since last summer, see here:
Xin-Mo at Paradise Arcade Shop
We also have the single version here:
Xin-mo Single Version
And a Modified wire length here:
Mame Version of the Xin-Mo

We also have .110 connector wires, but I haven’t posted this to the site yet. Let me know if you want to try this out, we are happy to swap the wires out for you.

As a note, also carries these.

Xin-Mo Controller | Xin-Mo electronic product design online now.

PS3 Controller | Xin-Mo Controller

We have 2 board support Home Button.

Xin-Mo Controller | Xin-Mo electronic product design online now.

PS3 Controller | Xin-Mo Controller

We have 2 board support Home Button.