Xiaoyu 2013: HAI HAI HAI!

Post all your findings here, I’ll be updating this regularly with new stuff so if you’re interested by all means contribute. Patch just dropped about 30 mins ago so still hitting the lab hard.

Expect me back here more often with this patch. I’m on 360 so I won’t see it until the morning.

Cyclone Left:
In most ranges ie when you don’t cross up (btw this cross-up is dirty as s***), you can follow it up with Dark & Stormy for a lol 260 damage. This whiffs when you hit them at the tip after crossing up with California Roll. In all ranges, you can follow it up with MK Mistrust for 200 damage. If you feel confident in your execution, you can also do stance cancel -> close/far st.LP xx MP Hakkesho -> LP or MP Hakkesho -> cr.HK for 345 damage. If you land Cyclone Left with the opponent’s back in the wall you can do stance cancel -> cl.st.HP or cr.HP for more damage (btw, doing cl.st.HP xx stance cancel -> cl.st.HP xx stance cancel in the corner for juggle combo is freakishly difficult. I would recommend just doing cr.HP stance cancels for less damage and more consistency)

I’m busy with other characters atm so I’ll be back later with hopefully more info.

Cr. lk can be linked from far. mk but only as a frame trap purposes with wave crest. The overall faster start up on her crouching normals allows her to escape julia’s pressure like never before. Cammy jab pressure still gives her issues in the corner but midscreen it’s not a problem.

Her j.mp cross-up requires specific timing as it doesn’t have very many active frames. Great for setting up empty jump low setups. Especially now that her cr. lk is 4f startup.

So I dabbled with her for a bit and here are my impressions.

Street is right with her Cyclone Left being dirty as shit. Just seeing that auto correct and the higher float opens up another much needed combo opportunity with her. Now her mixups for oki are gonna be high, low, left, right, and throws so she should be pretty scary in the right hands. Not a big fan of her Cyanide BnB being nerfed in damage a bit, but I’ll take new openings over a damage buff. Haven’t gotten to apply the new changes to matches yet, but I think we’ll be seeing more of st.HK in the future since it’s so much faster. Overall, she’s looking to be much more versatile than the semi-one-trick-pony she was in the previous version.

Combining her with King like in the old days should provide more lulz for me due to his steroid buffs. Viper level damage and mixups FTW.

So I hit training mode yesterday a bit more and I got these:
EX Hakkesho is still useless in juggles, not because of start-up issue anymore, but because the 1st hit drops ppl to the ground before the 2nd hit can stand reset them.

If you don’t want to switch cancel and want to use EX meter for a combo, you can go EX Hakkesho -> cr.MP -> cr.HP -> Phoenix -> w/e (I think this worked, but I need someone else to confirm it). You can still use the good ol’ combo of normals into Phoenix stance -> EX Double Sweep -> cr.LP into w/e, but it’s much easier now that it’s a 2f link instead of 1f.

I forgot to mention this, but after Cyclone left, you should be able to do MK Mistrust -> HK Mistrust -> HK?? Mistrust for just a bit less damage than a stance cancel combo unless it’s out of range (again, I need someone to confirm this as I can only test these tmrw).

Her st. HK floats on hit when switch canceled so it can actually open up switch cancel combo opportunities. I haven’t been able to apply it in a real match (my footsies and spacing tend to be ass for the most part) but it works.

i find that the damage boost on the last hit of dark and stormy makes using it to tag cancel more viable over her old tag bnbs, plus the extra hang time from using it over cr.HK makes more complex tag combos possible.

For example: Cyanide > mp Hakkesho > cl.HP xx RD xx Dark and stormy (tag to hwo) j.HK > HKdp > LKdp does 478 wheras my old tag bnb with two Hakkeshos and cr.HK only does 427

Okay. I’m testing atm, editing this post as I follow through:

  1. After Cyclone left -> MK Mistrust, there is no follow-up you can do except for EX Mistrust. The combo ends there unless you switch cancel.
  2. You actually cannot do a fierce attack cancel into EX Hakkesho; it doesn’t combo. My apologies for the misinformation. This is very weird as EX Hakkesho is supposed to have same start-up as MP Hakkesho, and HP cancelled into MP Hak actually combos. EX Hakkesho combos on HP CH, so I’m not sure what its start-up may be.
  3. Xiaoyu’s far st.HK, like Songi said, floats on hit, and it can actually be comboed into raw super from any range, or into far st.MP as long as you’re close enough. Unlike most moves, hitting with this starts with juggle point of 1 instead of 0, so you cannot do st.MP xx Hakkesho -> Hakkesho -> cr.HK. You have to go with st.MP xx Hakkesho, sweep or st.MP xx Hakkesho -> Rain Dance -> LK Mistrust. You can also go to st.MP xx Phoenix -> Talon for switch cancel purpose, but it’ll most likely only connect twice due to range.
  4. Since Xiaoyu’s j.MP can cross up, you won’t have to do early j.LK/late j.LK for a 50/50 in the corner. Doing j.HP will not cross up, and doing j.MP will cross up, period.

Super doing 270 dmg instead of 310 hurts :frowning:

I’ll test more stuff later on.

  1. After EX Hakkesho (reversal hopefully?), you can either go for cr.MP -> cr.HP into a combo of your choice, or cr.MP -> cr.MP -> cr.MK into a combo. cr.MP -> cr.HP does more damage in the long run so is recommended for launcher combo (you can do EX Hakkesho -> cr.HP which is even better but gains less meter in the end), and cr.MP -> cr.MP -> cr.MK does only slightly less damage than the previous one but gaining more meter at the same time. It’s also cool to look at :smiley:

Just some playing around with Xiao.


The change video showed that you can link st.LP into cl.HP, but it doesn’t tell you that you have to be moving forward while doing this. Still, this means you can do cr.LP,st.LP as a hit confirm into cl.HP.

I’ve been messing around with some combos myself, namely her overhead combos and what’s the optimal damage/position for Elena following up. I also in the comments for the changes video that someone had a one bar 500+ combo with her Cyclone Left. Any guesses how you go about that?

I’m going to have to get back to you on that one. I know in the corner you can do a lot more from Cyclone Left given you have the execution. I could probably get around 500 damage off of it if I do a simple Dark and Stormy afterwards switch canceled into Lili. I just haven’t really been keeping tabs on how much damage my combos have been doing since patch.

Edit: Cyclone Left xx Dark and Stormy xx switch cancel xx Rabbit Thorn xx Andante, cr. Hp xx lk Sunflower Lance = 511 damage (Xiaoyu/Lili) Easily done.

Don’t know if this also happened before 2013 patch,but Xiao’s j.mp can hits twice sometimes.

Yet to see it happen, but I’m gonna take a guess that j.MP’s front hand hitbox and back hand hitbox have different IDs (I’m positive it wasn’t possible pre-2013). I could imagine it being really difficult to do.<br>

Happens all the time… only when you’re crossing up Int he corner tho and it sucks because itl Fuck up your combo rhythm

So guys, I started playing this game 2 weeks ago.
I’ve gotten a lot better, and now I wanna watch good Xiaoyu players to learn something.

Who should I watch?

Also, is there anyone around? This place seems a little dead.
I was thinking about us build a topic with “how to punish/ evade X move” stuff.

just watch recent tourneys almost everybody changed characters

IKAYUGA probably has cleanest Xiaoyu I’ve seen, though every match that I’ve seen of him, the opponent gets destroyed by his oki. I’d like to see him in a grind out matchup to see how he mitigates Xiaoyu’s pitfalls.

Shameless plug http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ownkAHYLTz8

do part two already…kthxbye