Xbox360 Sync button solder point?

Anyone have a diagram of them for the Common ground pad?

I’ve searched and searched and searched some more & found nothing.

The diagram at slag coin just points it out but doesn’t say which is the signal.

Please help! lol


The surface mount button has three terminals on the bottom, one leads into the center of the PCB on the top side of the board by a trace you can easily see. It’s the middle terminal of the three. You can hack that at the joint under the button or follow the trace and pick your poison.

(I generally hack the trace above where the back button is)

By the way if you couldn’t tell this information just by looking at the pcb you probably are not ready to hack the controller… Don’t waste your time, money, etc.

Thats all i needed to know. Thanks.

By the way, i’ve hacked this pad, apart from the sync button, so your last statement is not true. :wink:

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I’ve not made a wireless pad hack before, and i’m doing this one for myself.

Quit trying to be a hero.

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Exactly my feeling (without the harsh words). Hell, if one’s still struggling to have his controller hack done, how could one pretend to be making custom sticks ???

I wasn’t struggling. I had not done a wireless hack before and wasn’t sure how to wire the sync button.

Here’s my almost finished stick. I don’t pretend to build them. :rolleyes:

My bad. Should read “claiming to be a stick builder” instead of “pretending to be making sticks”.

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