Xbox360 sticks

I was wondering if there is a converter for my MAS super pro stick for the xbox360. If not, are there any good xbox360 sticks out there?? Thanks a lot!

EDIT: damn i just bought my super pro stick for ps2 too. I wish I could get more use out of it. I can only play it with ps2 though ;(

get a hacked xbox360 controller and do a dual pcb setup on it or just install the 360 pcb. me or hozie can do you one.

im not tech savy. please explain it like you’re talking to an idiot :slight_smile:

what about this?

if i remember right those things have TONS of lag.

^ ^ ^
That’s correct, it is not worth using. There are currently no other PS2 to Xbox 360 adapters/converters.

(I’m assuming you still also want to have a stick that works with your PS2.)


  • Have someone modify your PS2 MAS stick to also work with Xbox 360.

  • Buy a new Xbox 360 MAS stick so you have both.

  • Buy a new MAS stick that works with both PS2 and Xbox 360. Sell your current PS2 one on here or eBay.

  • Order a custom stick instead of a MAS, as per any of the above.

  • Switch over to Japanese sticks. Buy a Hori Fighting Stick EX2, or a Hori DOA4 stick, or a Hori VF5 Live Arena stick (they’re all the same thing). Optional but worth it IMO: have somebody swap all the stock parts to Sanwa ones (official arcade brand).

For the record, you’re best off posting these sort of questions here to start.

  1. Search.

  2. Look in the converter thread.

  3. Look in the “two PCBs in one stick” thread.

  4. This thread title sucks.

Yeah. Mine :rofl: