Xbox360 mk9- $40

XBOX360 Mortal Kombat. Pristine, only played twice. $35 shipped

Still has unused online code as well as the kitana classic costume.

PM or post if interested.


Interested. Not sure when my paycheck will be coming in (usually before July 15th).

That shouldn’t be a problem. I’m in no rush, as long as you will definitely buy it before the 15th I can consider it sold and hold it for you.


If you find someone, go on and sell it.
If you still have it when I get my paycheck, I’ll buy it.

Ok I’ll just consider it on hold for you. First come, first serve.

Get your paycheck yet?

Price drop to $35 shipped.

Oh I’m so sorry about this! I wasn’t getting updates until I checked and saw this bumped to the top.
Yes, I have my paycheck. I am still interested in this.

Ok, how about we say $38 shipped to meet in the middle of what we had agreed to and what I reposted to? If that sounds fair paypal me at with ur shipping address and I’ll get it out ASAP.