Xbox360 internals

Alright, I’ve got the flashing red lights on my box, now’s my chance to learn about the internals and such.

My flashing red lights are illuminated as follows – imagine my box is in the horizontal position, all red lights are flashing except for the one on the top right, presumably the second player. Anyone know what kind of problem this indicates? I’m guessing it’s disc reading (lens) issues. I only know that four flashing lights = A/V problem.

Maybe I could fix this myself instead of waiting a month for them to repair it in Texas.

Gave them a call yesterday, they’re sending out a shipping box today. However, I don’t mind shelling out $300 for a core (got my harddrive and all) if I need to since I might wind up breaking my box’s seal. I’m just looking at this as an opportunity to learn about the 360’s hardware.

Dont’ even try

There’s nothing on the board that’s user replaceable. Even the DVDROM drive is proprietary. 3 Red Lights of death = just let MS handle it.

Sounds like it is time for a walmart swap.

try reading that link. it deals with error codes and how people have attempted to deal with them. many believe one major culprit in the RROD is the cheap thermal paste M$ used. some have been able to fix their dead consoles by replacing the stock thermal paste with arctic silver. i believe on both the CPU & GPU heat sinks/fans.

however do not take that as a recommendation to actually crack open your box and void the warranty. i’d do some more reading, then make an informed decision.

I thought stores check the serials now…Yeah my 360 keeps freezing on me, i’ll just wait until the new chips arrive before taking a chance in buying another 360…

Try looking at some of the posts there for solutions. But if yours is still under warranty, I would let MS take care of it.

This is why it pays to get that two year warranty best buy or whoever tries to sell you. My 360 is actually starting to flake out a little after only like 6 months, so I’m probably gonna go get a new one for free.

i was able to fix my 360 with this method. i’m not sure if it works for all error codes, but it worked for me. once you get inside you’ll notice that the stock thermal paste is pretty lousy.

truth. there are a lot of different methods you can try, but if it’s under warranty, just get it repaired/replaced.

also, buy an intercooler. it’s loud, but it works. (for me anyway)

Anyone ever try that crazy towel fix?