Xbox YouTube upload not working?

Anybody else unable to upload replays to YT? Says YT service not available, try again later.

I have the very same problem. Any idea ?

Yeah I got nothing for it. Looking around for answers myself.

I can’t even find the option to upload replays.

Still not working on Xbox. I did find a setting in the options menu that lets you pick the quality. I thought it was only going to be 480p?

Low: 144p, High 480p


Yes now you can upload your very own Ultra Blur Fighter 4: Cataracts Edition v. 2014 videos!

well at least its working

can u do it now

i cant. I get youtube service is unavailable

For me it says “RESET Youtube TOKEN” and when I try to reset it nothing happens.

try going to a replay and uploading it. i think that menu is just for quality and resetting you auth key. im assuming there is a dialogue box to setup it up when you upload/try to upload a replay

Yeah same here. Can’t upload. Says Youtube service is unavailable. I’m on xbox as well. I saw some replays and some were in 720p on YT.

same here…

144p is hilarious…bad enuff I already was shooting in the dark from my couch footage from my old 90s projection screen tv…I love it,

but uploads not working is bad like unggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhorrible…

I actually noticed a weird quirk. While in the battle log section, you have the option to upload to youtube. It doesnt work for now of course, but you dont get that option in your saved replays. Can only upload recent games only? What if I have a really cool one but I want to keep playing the game? What the fuck

I finally got it to work. I tried using the quickest replay I had(1:40) and the encoding still took about 30 minutes with the quality set to high. The upload itself took under 2 minutes. This is on Xbox btw.

First of all…I’m on Xbox. I got the token and crap entered and the option to record now but whenever I’m recording I get no options other than press the b button to go back. Whenever I do that, even after the entire match is played it says “replay clip recording aborted”. And one time I let it play the match a second time but that time it was going super slow. Do you have to let it go through this slow phase? Is that the actual recording process? Is there any other options or is it just a hit play/record type thing?

im pretty sure the slowdown is encoding.

I got it. Go under your youtube settings on youtube itself and hit advanced under your username. Click to sign out of all youtube sessions. then go to the replay channel and it upload. It will give you a URL and a token. It will go through the video twice, it seems, the first time at regular speed, and the 2nd time a hell of a lot slower (idk if that has to do with my computer or something).

Yes, the second slow replay is the encoding. You have to let it finish before you can upload. Having the quality set to high will give you a 720p video even though they said 480p was the max. I have not tried the low setting yet.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the video is set to private by default. You can change it to public in the video manager.