Xbox online isn't working

Anyone else having problems playing online on the Xbox version? Every time I go to quick match a message pops up saying waiting to validate online play. It stick around no matter what you do, even if you go and play single player it just sits at the bottom of the screen. Is this because the game just came out and the servers aren’t ready or what?

It’s a problem on Microsoft’s end and will hopefully be fixed soon.

Until then, enjoy story mode I guess.

Yeah, this seems to be a common issue for XBox users, but Mike Z has already indentified the cause of the problem, and they’re already working on it:

Edit: Ninja’d

Can’t wait to see this fixed. So jealous of my room mate and his PS3 right now.

So Xbox 360 owners are just screwed? Seems like that SF X T Capcom mentality. Although I’m sure Mike plans to fix this soon.

It’s not Mike’s issue to fix, MS dropped the ball.

This is known. It is being resolved. Thread closed.

-Tha Hindu