Xbox live street fighter hd remix

I havent been on xbox live for a couple of months. Who is the top dog with thier respectful chracter at the moment? Im sure DGV still is with Ryu.

moving to the hdr section

How active is the XBL HDR community compared to PSN?

Both seem to have a small, but dedicated, still around playing the game. It seems a lot of people have taken to playing in private rooms as opposed to rank or endless though.

As far as top level players, I can’t tell you on HDR, but I can tell you who is for offline ST competition. Kind of the same thing really.

Imma play HDR til they shut the servers down.

Not looking forward to it, I never figured out how to configure port forwarding and QoS on my ADSL connection.

They put the kibosh on the last top players thread on account of drama. Which I thought was a shame, they were kind of like stock tickers for player development.

^ When HDR goes offline, I’m just going to move onto other SFs and pray for a PS4 SF2. =[

Whats the deal with hd remix for ps4 and xbox one? Is the game not gonna be playable for either system? I dont owe either one so I dont know much about whats going on with both systems.

Dunno but hopefully something happens…

DGV is definitely still top Ryu. Lots of good players coming in from Japan as well.