Xbox Live leader board

Basically i’m a gief user, my xbox live tag is ailey7. Something wierd happen last week with the ranking board, i was ranked 51 and was happily and steadily making my way up the ranks. Then one evening i won a rank match and i was demoted to 45,000 and with zero rating?? do you know what the problem is? and if its going to be fixed?? i’m from the united kingdom and would appreciate any help.

Glitch in the ranking system, happened to alot of us.

super lame too. :sad:

Oh i see! yeah us uk guys myself “ailey7” and my mate “ubercyberbeast” got had by this lol. Do you think they plan to fix this? or do i have to pack hd away because there aren’t that much challengers in the player room?


Thanks for giving a promted response.

Try custom searches for low ping player rooms, im not sure how this game sold in the UK, but you should be able to pull up a good dozen or so rooms that are lag free at pretty much any given point in time.

(And the guys at unity are gathering info on the glitches, and that leads me to belive that there will be a patch.)

pfft…I doubt they can retroactively bring back the amount of effort and work put into the guys that legitimately earned their rankings. It’s all gone.

As long as we can win some points again, i don’t care !
2 weeks of effort = nothing in the long run.

Reset of the rankings would take place in such an event, much like what happened in Halo waaaay back and whatnot.

If it’s work you shouldn’t be playing