Xbox HD DVD stick almost complete

how can i mount the base without having the screws on the top of the case?

Super cute case.

Here, more specifically:

mounting on blocks


thnx for your help guys. but what do i use for that?

Something that you can drill screws into and glue to the bottom? Wood I imagine? I dunno, I’ve never set a stick up like that… I just know it works. Get creative!

this looks good !

see if you can attach some material to the underside to mount the JLF to, plywood , mdf and steel are obvious choices.
You can also look into sticking some bolts to the underside with epoxy.

hmm I see. im trying to make it with the things I have at hand cuz I dont have plywood or mdf.

im trying to do was pictured above but removing those bolts from the jlf are impossible always 1 bolt gets damaged :frowning:

wireless charges from both micro usb or usb and eject button functions as home button.

Im almost done only thing missing is start button location wich i think will go on that fan socket. but any ideas will be appriceated.

its a bit high but its pretty good though~

yeah I need some washers.

you could have just screwed a block of wood and flush mounted it to the plastic where the dustwasher covers it
at that point, you’d just have to screw the JLF to the wood.