Xbox hack?

Anyone know about hacking the original xbox?

I’ve seen people running dreamcast / ps2 / linux all kinds of shit off an xbox console. Anyone know how to do that or websites to check out?

Any info is appreciated!

I know how to do dat.

What shit you been smokin’? :looney:

There’s no DC emulator and definately no PS2 emulator.

Pay for the parts and I’ll mod your xbox for you.

Actually your wrong there, There are multiple Dreamcast emus and 2 Ps2 emulators atm. Head over to to find out about them.

^^I was about to say the same thing I KNOW I’ve seen PS2 emu’s

That run off of an Xbox?

Yeah doggy. You can even put a LINUX computer operating system on these things and run iTunes and other programs. It’s nutty.

Sazae: Where do you live? I want to use my xbox so I don’t have to pay for a new one and shipping this beast would be expensive.

There is no PS2 emu for Xbox, I know there is a PSX but not the second.

I live in Florida so unless you are going to be at Final Round it would need to be shipped to reach me.

I installed XBMC on my old XBox and I run it on my TV to stream all my stuff from my fileserver at home on it. Pretty sick setup.

Yeah no DC or PS2 emu for Xbox. You might be able to get them running under Linux, but without (and even with) the RAM and CPU upgrade I doubt either would run so that games are playable. It’s pretty easy to softmod the xbox (no chip) and putting in a 320 gig HDD.