Xbox guiles

Hey new to read a few post and seems as though everyone knows the game inside out. just wanted to know if anyone has the time to get me up to scratch with guile so i can win a bit more :xeye:.

also been lookin at a few threads and dnt reali understand the abbreviations and terms lol.

this one in particular —> cs.rh ? FADC? crumple?


There is a plethora of online info. you can read that’ll answer all your questions. Try to refrain from making new threads for stuff that’s already been answered countless times. It tends to piss off the elitists here.

I’ll point you in the right direction:

Also, to answer your quesitons:

cs.rh? I don’t think I’ve ever seen “cs.” “rh” stands for “roundhouse” which is the old school way of saying “hard kick.” c.roundhouse = crouching round house, s.roundhouse = standing roundhouse. Also, know that sometimes people will put cl.rh or close roundhouse, cause moves often change depending on the range.

FADC = Focus attack dash cancel. You can cancel most special moves with a focus attack, and cancel the subsequent focus with a dash. Pg. 16 of the SF4 instruction booklet explains it better than any of us could.

Crumple is when you hit someone with either a level 2/3 focus attack or a level 1 focus attack on counter hit. It’s the state that the opponent goes in when they “crumple” to their knees, giving you an opportunity to do big damage.

sorry dude. its jus i didnt find a thread which can answer my questions completely without gettin a bit off topic :xeye: . thanks for links !

cs. is Close Standing.

Ah thanks. Usually I see people just type “close s.roundhouse”

finding problems with cr.lp to seems to pull off with a delay. any tips on timing?

It’s tough to answer timing questions, because really, it’s just a matter of hitting it within the time frame.

c.lp > is a 1-frame link. It’s not something you can mash out, otherwise it won’t connect, you have to just feel it and time it. Eventually they’ll feel pretty second-nature to you. I don’t always connect them, but I am at the point where it is always my intention to do so, 1-frame links are a pretty big deal for guile, that one in particular.

It’s uses are just outstanding, as it gives you enough time to charge for either a kick or boom.