Xbox Fighting Stick Please Help

Ok, so I have done a few searches & I can’t find any type of converter for this so I need some help.

I want to play on my Original XBox with a fighting stick.
I have an Xbox 360 & a couple Hori EX2 fighting sticks but they are USB.
All the converters I have seen are Original Xbox to PS2.
Does anyone know where I can get a converter? Or will anyone who has the knowledge to make one give me an idea of how much one would cost?
Is there a fighting stick made for the Original Xbox or does anyone have one they want to sell?

I would appreciate if anyone could direct me in the right direction on this one…

Sorry I don’t. Just curious, which games are you needing to play on Xbox that aren’t BC on 360?

CvS2, MvC2, KoF Series mainly… There’s others but these are the main ones…

Cool. I’m still holding onto my old Xbox as well. Good luck in your search!

If you’re asking for a 360 to anything adapter there isn’t one. It will only work on the 360 and PC. You could do something like this if you’re feeling adventurous.

or get a psx stick and get a converter

converters (also found in essential joystick thread which is stickied)

thank you both, that helps

There’s 360 to PS3. :wonder:

Yeah… still waiting on a review on that one. I’m guessing it lags since it’s XCM. He won’t be able to use an original Xbox game on a PS3 either. The dual mod will at least get him 360 and PS2 support and Xbox with an adapter.

But he can’t do that with an EX2 pcb.

slcs14, your options are very limited. Trying to do this kind of a hack on a EX2 stick will make you want to slit your own wrists. If you’re happy with the quality of the EX2 stick, then I suggest you hunt down a Tekken 5 anniversary stick which should be fairly easy and cheap to find, and be about the same quality. With that stick, any PSX->Xbox adapter should work fine and also be cheap and easy to find. Just about any other Playstation based stick should work, so grab what you can find. I’m trying to limit your options to avoid custom sticks or modding yourself, but if those are possible, you have a lot of options available.

I definetly don’t want to slit my wrists lol. Yeah, I think that will be my best option… Thanks you very much

I know this is a way old post but I have a Pelican original Xbox fight stick made specifically for the original Xbox with memory card slot and everything. Its a beast… Both huge, a little heavy but its top notch on original Xbox fighting games. I actually tried to look it up and can’t find any but I know it exists bc I own one and can send pics of it (its black with green lettering. Says Xbox Fight Stick in lower left hand side with a Pelican logo on the top middle). Its a real arcade stick, made with real arcade quality parts and I’d put it on par with the Street Fighter 4 pro fight sticks (the big ones, not the smaller versions). I found this at a flea market for $10 and was a little skeptical but when I plugged it in I was absolutely awesome. Look for this bc this is the only original Xbox fight stick I’ve ever seen.

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I know this is way old but if anyone comes across this looking for info like I did. The best stick to buy for the original xbox is the 15th anniversary street fighter arcade stick. Its compatible with the original xbox and the ps2.