Xbox Atrox stick converted via PS3 PCB board causing some message about USB power


Was at a recent capcom pro tour tourney where my stick suddenly stopped working, When I would unplug it and plug it back in sometimes it would start working again.

This was rather scary, so I read online about using a power supply to fix the issue. I did this the day of the tournament, and so far nothing has happened. However, I don’t own a ps3 so I cant test this out in the long run.

Does anyone have any experience with this happening? Hopefully after the power supply is introduced into the equation, there are no longer any problems.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

How was your stick modded? You might just need a new USB cable.

the new usb cable fix worked, but after 10 games, it would stop working again. somebody on twitter also recommended this as well. the power supply seems like it fixed the issue, but ive never heard of this solution ever being publicly discussed before. and wanted to know if it has reoccurred again/or has damaged the board. might also be hard finding an outlet to plug in in certain tourneys

What everything you have on your usb connections, you could have one too many devices plugged in at one time.

just two sticks, this was at a tournament.

You said it was a Atrox stick on a PS3, which tell me its a dual-mod
Whats everything in the Atrox?