Xbox arcade sticks

anyone know where i can get two of these. All i can find is the hori stick which is pretty expensive.

If you are talking about the 360, custom and the Hori stick are your only choices. But, if you are talking about the OG XBox, then you can see if you can find the SFAE stick for cheap on ebay, or through DreamTR (that if he has some).

Oh, and getting a stick is an expensive venture. DO NOT CHEAT YOURSELF! Getting a cheap stick gives you cheap results period.

I agree with Dash a good stick will not be inexpensive unless you happen to come across someone unloading a used custom stick that looks bad, but performs well, or they have to move, or someone just doesn’t know the value of their stick. Or a new stick builder that wants to sell an imperfect, blemished stick at a reduced price. Most of the time none of these options are available. I reccommend looking for a stick builder/modder in your area and consult with him/her on what you want in your stick besides which console it will work on. Avoiding, extra shipping costs and USD-CND exchange fees charged by paypal and such is also a reason to find a local stick builder. Check out the stick builder thread, or Trading Outpost.