Xbox and Playstation fighting games

alright guys, I’m getting kinda tired of my lack of FG’s on my Xbox and Playstation

So I’m making this thread to ask for recommended FG’s for PSone and Xbox.

Specifically, the Xbox.

I have GGX and MK:Deception and SF: aniversary for it, I have almost every fighter released on DC though, and that’s what I mostly play due to my lack of titles on my Xbox

Mod your xbox and emulate CPS2 / NeoGeo games on it.

already done leaveal, but I have my emulated games on my mame arcade cabinet.

you’ve put CPS2/NeoGeo emulators on your Xbox and you still think there’s a lack of fighting games in there?

I ment like, anything besides stuff I can emulate you know. And even then, If i can emulate it gimme a list of games I should have because…I might not have some that are good.