Xbox 360 wiring question

ive looked around alot and havent found anything i understand of find helpful. i am trying to map the back button on the xbox360 pcb but i dont know which contact is common or signal. i am using the xbox360 wired pad for windows

i posted this in the pad hacking thread and havent gotten any help there so i made this a topic. sorry to ask the :lame: question

i just found out that all of the diagrams i have found are completely different from my controller so here is a picture of it
sorry about the quality

i need help mapping the leads for signal and ground if you have the same pad and already have it mapped please post a picture of it or direct me to a picture of that pcb mapped

This PCB is NOT common ground but still very easy to hack. It looks like you have already scratched the appropriate pads for the back button to the left of the “Menu” button.

You ought to be good to go.

I like to test the xbox360 pcb on my laptop. The driver has a troubleshooting tool that lets you poke around on the pcb and the device manager will show you when you’ve activated a button press.

thanks TMO i did trial and error on this pcb and found out the commons and the signals i will post a guide for this pcb(since there isnt one) when i get finished mapping out the buttons

No need to post.