Xbox 360 to Xbox/Dreamcast converter

Okay, so I’ve got a MadCatz TE Xbox 360 stick, and I would like to use it on my Dreamcast or Xbox.

Is there any such thing as a converter that will allow me to plug my stick into these? I realize how crazy this sounds.

If I can’t get the stick to work, is there a converter for Original Xbox to Dreamcast?
Bottom line, I want to play my Dreamcast fighting games without having to use the Dreamcast controller…

I searched around, but didn’t find anything regarding this.

No, there isn’t any usb to Dreamcast converters.

You may be able to get X-Box to work on Dreamcast with two adapters, one to convert X-Box to PS2 format and then a converter for PS2 to Dreamcast. It will probably be very laggy.

USB doesn’t change to anything.
It is the end.

Well poo. Guess I’ll have to stick with the Dreamcast controller…

Thanks for the answers.

The easiest mod for me is adding a PS1 Dual Shock controller PCB into the TE stick, and there’s tons of cheap and good converters to play the PS controller on the DC and Xbox and Gamecube/Wii. There’s even one good cheap converter that does both Xbox and GC/Wii. This one: