XBox 360 Stick

I just want a solid Jap stick for the Xbox 360. Why is this impossible to find? Can I get a little help plz?

Have you been in a three and a half year coma?

On behalf of all the 09ers, let me tell you read the stickies and use the search function before staring a new thread.


Even though I agree with the 2nd poster saying to use the search function. This response did make me laugh.

Taking the question literally, the MadCatz SFIV Tournament stick is pretty damn cool, if a little expensive. They also did a Standard Edition Fightstick which is okay, but is easily moddable into a much better stick. And of course theres the Hori Fight Stick EX and the HRAP for the 360.

And yeah, they’re all kinda tough to find right now, although the MadCatz sticks have been trickling back into stock at some stores.

Why not make your own, or get someone else to make you one?

So the MadCatz stick is worth getting? I peeked around on a few sites and couldn’t find much info on it (Aside from Seth Killian having a hand in making it.) Is it fine as a stock stick or will I need to mod it?

if you get the MadCatz SE (the $80 one) Mod it ASAP the stock parts in it are terrible.

I think so. They’re both nice looking and they made them pretty easy to go inside and do your own servicing and adjusting without alot of soldering.

The Tournament Edition Stick (TE) is all Sanwa parts, so if you like Japanese sticks it’s ready to go right out of the box. It’s said to be based right off of the control panel of the SF4 Vewlix cab.

The Standard Edition (SE) is the same hardware in a smaller housing with knock off Sanwa parts that should be probably replaced as you feel the need to.

I have them both and am partial to the size and shape of the SE, but the TE is just SO much better right out the box that until the SE is modded I’ll be using it.