Xbox 360 SSF 4 AE ONLINE TOURNEY PRIZE-Turtle Beaches 32X wireless headset Xbox 360

Super Street Fighter 4 AE online Tourney-Every match will be streamed live at, To sign up message me at my GT Ademus XP7 or post here(plz be sure to post your gamertag and message of entrance)

Anyone from any region can join but if you do please make sure u can make your matches or you will be disqualified

24 man tournament
Double Eliminations
You can use any character AE also
Round Set 3 Timer 99
Best out of 3
No trash talking
No trolling in the streams chat lobby
There is a loser bracket

Tourney wont be for a couple weeks just recruiting ppl right now. ill post up tourney date here or on my stream page.


Umm. How about region? Because if someone plays from europe and someone from us it might be pretty fucked up. I’m guessing this is US but you should still propably update the post.

gamertag: ShadowAce50

also op you need to specify that this is a US only tourney

Gamertag: Atron9000

Gamertag: Starmony

Im in

I’m down…gt- flash house

I’ll need a date and time soon. You know, work and kids and stuff.

I’m down. Gamertag: Noob 4 hire