XBox 360 Round 1 TE Sick (Glitchy)

Selling my round 1 TE stick, it has a 2 problems and could be a good project stick for someone. Problem number one, the guide button works when it wants to. The turbo options and everything else on the control panel works, but the guide button has a mind of its own. Second is the joystick, I have no idea what is going on with it, in the xbox live menus and other games it works fine. Fire up street fighter, and all of a sudden the left direction is gone. Just poof gone! Now it may be that the connection is loose or maybe the stick is going bad. I don’t care I have 2 other TE’s so I never got around to really checking it out. Comes in its original box, but only 6 white buttons and 2 button plugs. I will post up pics later, asking price is $75.00 Shipped East Coast $80.00 Shipped west coast.