Xbox 360 MadCatz 4716 PCB Dual Mod Recognition Problem on 360 Console

This is a new pcb I’ve just encountered while wiring for a dual mod project w/ the cthulhu board along with the imp board. After soldering it, the xbox pcb seems to be recognizing itself on the PC, but not on the 360 console. When I plug the controller in, the madcatz starts blinking (all 4 rings.) and I can’t seem to get it functioning. However, when I start the 360 console up, I can use the guide button and THATS IT. The Cthulhu board seems to be functioning fine after using the imp switch mod as the secondary controller.

I have highlighted the area on the 360 pcb in LIME GREEN as the ground wire connected the “C” slot of the PS3 Cthulhu board. Might that be the problem why the madcatz pcb doesn’t recognize itself on the 360 console only?


You’re 100% certain the Cthulhu works as its supposed to? And the madcatz pad works fine on the PC?

Yes. I have been doing many dual mod projects in this forum. Both Cthulhu and the 360 Controller works on PC, However, When I tested everything out, including the Imp Switch, The Cthulhu works on the PS3 but the Madcatz PCB just shows a blinking green ring on the 360 console. Weird.

I would check your USB dongle. I had a similar problem on a Hori EX 2. I just used a different dongle, and it worked. If it’s working properly on the PC, then there shouldn’t be any problems on the consoles.

Dongle? You mean the USB Cord attached to the Imp?

Is your USB cord a straight up USB cord, or does it have that little attachment at the end?

I was assuming it had the attachment, and I think that might be your problem.

If its a normal USB cord, then I dunno what to tell you.

Oh it is. Ok. I’ll try that out.

Nope it’s not the dongle. I still have the blinking green ring on the pcb. :frowning:

I dunno what to tell you then :frowning:
If its working on PC, it should also work on the 360. Are you 100% certain that its behaving 100% as it should on the PC?

The area you circled in lime green IS ground, so I don’t see an issue there. Maybe someone else could chime in.

I spoke to toodles before and it might have been a dead security chip. The madcatz PCB works flawlessly on the PC, but it refuses to register on the 360 AT ALL.