Xbox 360 fuzzy thru component

I have a 42 inch 1080p, and xbox 360 thru component doesnt look sharp at all. Everything is connected correctly I have no clue what it could be, I really don’t want to have to get a tech to look at it. Any ideas what could be wrong? I have ps3 thru hdmi and it look 1000% times better, but the componet cables should not look as bad as they do.

*Yes cables are set to HDTV
*Yes system setting are at 1080p
*No my tv settings aren’t retarded
*No I don’t have the cables plugged wrong

I used to play on my 1440x900 monitor and it looked better, minus the colors cause that was thru vga. I can hook my 360 thru vga, but it will only go up to 720p (cause my tv only supports up to 720p thru vga) and I want my 1080p dammit (yes I know most games are 720p native). Only things I can think of is my TV is jacked up some how. Damn my no hdmi having 360.

Well a friend of mine had a similar problem, maybe I can help.

It turned out that his 1080p TV would not accept a 1080p signal from component cables. It could do 1080i and 720p just fine though. He ended up using 720p.

I did some research (at that time) and found that about 90% of TV’s wont accept 1080p signals through component.

My suggestion is to settle with 720p because very few 360 games support true 1080p (no upscaling).

Does SFII:HD Remix support 1080p? I looked around, but i couldn’t find a definitive answer.

These are (all?) the games that support native 1080p.
Wolf of the Battlefield Commando 3 [Xbox Live Arcade]
Feeding Frenzy 2 [Xbox Live Arcade]
Portal [Xbox Live Arcade]
Boogie Bunnies [Xbox Live Arcade]
Street Home Court
Virtual Tennis 3

Most games claim to support 1080p on the back of the box. In reality they are 720p native and support upscaling.

EDIT: I guess I should suggest that you try hooking up your PS3 with component @ 1080p, and see if that works correctly. Also try 720p on the 360, it shouldn’t look fuzzy. It’s a bummer you don’t have HDMI.

Ditch the analog component cables. Get hdmi for the 360 & everything will be fine. It’s all in the connection.


Setting the picture on 1080i or 720p should also fix your problem right away until you get new cables.

Component doesn’t output 1080p, it’s probably trying to but failing. Although I’m not sure why the option would even exist without really jacking up your picture.

If I try to select 1080p on my component cables it doesn’t even let me.

  • The Xbox360 will output 1080p over component. The problem is that most TV’s will not accept 1080p over component.

PS3 has the opposite problem, it doesn’t output1080P through Component, and only through HDMI.
Maybe that’s one of the reasons that they made it 1080P through HDMI only, the other one being to push the whole HDMI and HDCP shit.

problem solved. Returned tv and got a 120 htz philips 42 inch 1080p. Works great now.