Xbox 360 Dual Mod Help


I bought a Xbox 360 Te-s stick, and am dying to dual mod it. I have a ps3 controller. But I haven’t really found any write ups for that kind of set up. Would it even work? If there is anyone near me that can do it too I would rather just hand it to them, but if there is a write up someone can point me to I am pretty handy to do it myself, just want to make sure I don’t jack things up.

You cannot use a PlayStation 3 Controller unless it is Common Ground.
You cannot use SIXAXIS or DualShock 3 unless you make it Common Ground.

The Leo Board from Gummowned turns SIXAXIS into Common Ground.

Best way to Dual Mod Xbox 360 for PlayStation 3 is with ChImp from Toodles.
And with that, there are many, many Threads.
I’m sure you found those.

Thank you for that answer. Totally sucks though ha.

Why is that?

The Komodo pad mentioned in this post is common ground and are cheap as hell, your just need to drill a hole for a dpdt switch for the usb data lines

I just used a chimp to dual mod mine well worth the money

Well because I already had that controller… I was reading the guide you sent me to look at for the dual mod… But the parts on the site are all new, so I just want to make sure I am buying the right parts, and do I still need the imp board. If I am correct is it…
Toodles Cthulhu for PC/PS3 and Toodles Imp Board ? Sorry if they are noob questions just don’t like wasting money you know.

Just buy the ChImp.
No need for the Imp Board if get ChImp.

The ChImp makes for Automatic Detection of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
Using the Imp, you will have to hold down a Button while plugging in the Arcade Stick.

We can do it for you.

Or you could go with an easier solution and get a dual strike and TEasy board without having to worry about having someone solder the parts for you and just plug it in yourself.

I still believe phreak still has Te-s boards for saleZ. Another option to consider. Hope this helps. :slight_smile: