XBox 360 Arcade Cabinet

Sorry if it’s been posted:

More pics on the second link.

Unless that monitor is in HD that is a pretty bad idea =/.

What’s the difference? When you’re talking about a 25" or similar display and you’ve got it in a cab with arcade controls you’re not going to really notice too much.

Especially when the majority of games you play in there are going to be Live Arcade games and classics.

That’s a really nice cabinet.

Damn that green flame shit is ugly. Why black and green anyway? The 360 is white and green. Cool idea, ugly execution.

Oh shit, the metal on the control panel is mounted on top of the art? What the hell was this guy thinking?

Uhhh i think those 2 control panels were the panels from the hori ex2 with stock parts. I find it kinda funny, seeing something so ghetto when the cabinet is overall pretty nice.