XBL Update This Morning (8.26.11)

Anyone know what it did?
Ranked seems to be more accessable, although I may be experiencing a placebo effect with that.
Also I’ve noticed LP+MK+HP colors have been disabled?
I can’t select it anymore.
I’ve tired the default button setup as well.

Anyone have any insight on what this update (XBL) was for? :xeye:

Can anyone confirm if there is an update for the PSN version?

Also WESTNiNE9, do you have the 2I colors selected? I don’t think the LP+MK+HP works if you do.

2I colors?
I’m not sure what that is…

2I= 2nd Impact colors or simply console colors.

You have to beat the game with a character, then go into Downloadable Content > My Content > (the character you beat the game with) > check the “2i Color Pack” box.

The LP+MK+HP colors never worked for me on xbox, and all the other colors are screwed up and on the wrong buttons. Some are straight up missing.

I haven’t checked to see what it’s like now.

Ranked matches seem to work faster. But watch out, now if you try to go into player match or tournament mode, the game will be “Syncing Stats” for a good while before it lets you use those.

BTW 2I and PS2 colors are different. They are calling the PS2/console colors 2I colors.

can we upload videos now ?

Ah, I see.

Never even knew that that was there. :tup:
Will beating Arcade mode again unlock additional packs?

You can preview what buttons select what colors here http://www.zweifuss.ca/index.htm
The 2I color pack is represented as 3S+START colors on that site. :confused:

This update just added YouTube Uploading for replays. No changes to Ranked/Player Matches whatsoever. They are working on fixes for Ranked Matches right now.

This updated didn’t help, syncing stats is taking longer. Matches are still laggy even though I have Green Nat and so does my opponent. This really needs to get fixed.

Just went on it and there was no update for the PSN. Maybe not yet…

But there needs to be an update on them control motions… doing srk motions on a controller and arcade stick doesn’t come out… at least not for me… n i’m doing it properly

So what channel does the Upload To YouTube button upload to? o.o

Did it fix the settings for Arcade Mode?

My game patched today and now every time I try to do Rank Match, it just searches indefinitely. I don’t know if it has something to do with my delay being set to 1, but my NAT is green.

Applied update.
Green NAT, Delay 2 (default).
Ranked is currently syncing stats (and has been for 2+ minutes). I have had the game on for two hours and have had two matches.

Yesterday, while Ranked was definitely taking some time, it would Sync Stats instantly and move on.

I switched my Delay to 2 (default) and it found me a match almost instantly. After that game I tried again and it just hangs at “Syncing Stats” now. Oh man.

Whoo boy. So, turns on Online Edition can’t be played online.



what is the ggpo delay?