XBL/PSN Good Games!

Apparently since I’ve been away, SRK has been changed around to the point where the other Good Games thread in the XBL forum cannot be located. So, I figured the thread would be better off having its home here.

I recently got my XBL back and would like to say Good Games to all that I have played. I am rusty but I am working on becoming whatever it was I was known for in the past. In addition, I would also like to extend a handshake and GG’s to the following:

  • mikeidge
  • cvital
  • Mr. x64 (fuck your Honda)
  • DGV
  • empirion
  • SweetJV

Well then…

GGs to infamousone and blitzfu earlier tonight. Got some pretty intense games going. Also it makes me happy to see that the “surperior derperior fighter INC” are nowhere to be found (you know who and whom i am talking about) . Makes me feel like playing HDR much more often. :encore:

Yeah, good games ExposedD (or should I say Initialz). Very interesting matches for sure.

And very good games to Jiggly Norris, glad to play you again dude. Very tough Fei Long, if that’s what you call rusty then you’re gonna be massacring all the players once you get warmed up (not including myself though lol, bring it on).

Good stuff man. It’s amazing how you handle Honda’s two best matchups (hawk and fei). I couldn’t let my guard down for a second.

Ggs to

Armed 4 Death
And a few others. I will get their names and put them up.

This game is very unforgiving when you step away for some time.

Well, these forums seem pretty dead, but I’m coming back to HDR for the time being, and wanted to introduce myself.

PSN: carn114. I’ve been online a bit lately, and may have played a few of you guys. GGs to those I’ve played. I’m not very good currently, but always trying to get better. Currently playing Guile mainly, with some Sagat and Ryu on the side.

Feel free to add me, and hit me up for some games. Otherwise, I look forward to running into some of you in some Friendly Games rooms.