XBL Costume Bash! Lobby at 1am GMT (8pm EST)

Sup everyone. The alt costumes came out today and in the spirit of Halloween I figured I’d do a lobby for the new costumes, as well as any costumes and color edits. If you wanna join the lobby you better bring both your A game and your sick costume edits. My gamertag is JusticeSoulTuna, the matches will be uploaded to my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSoulOfBasement15?feature=mhee ,I’ll make a new playlist for specifically this session. See ya on :wink:


…ah well, should be fun to watch later. :slight_smile:

I’ll try to join in, but my A game is probably F game compared to you guys. Lol Could learn something though.

Seems like I never get this stuff day one because I’m working and get off too late to put money on my card.>:(

Sorry for not starting yet, will make the lobby by 2am probably.

Lobby is up now!!!

Ooh I might be able to get on this once I’m done drawing if it’s up in like, an hour. :slight_smile:

Yeah it’ll be up for a while. Kinda dead at the moment, people join pls BibleThump

Yes. More people would be nice. We would still like some.

To anyone who joined my lobby, I apologize in advance if you don’t see your match(s) on my channel, it’s been very laggy spectating and in alot of cases the match gets disconnected. What I’ll do is record the saved matches and upload those, so there’s no guarantee that all the matches from tonight will be up. Sorry =/ Better than uploading incomplete matches though

I wish I could join but I don’t celebrate Halloween nor do I own any of the new costumes. Looking forward to seeing some matches on your channel.

I was looking fir the lobby but did not find it, methinks. :frowning: I assumed I was too late to join since I didn’t get on til 10pm-ish MST?

Hopefully can make the next one. :slight_smile:

Actually. There’s still a few spots and it’s still going. You might need to set Area to Any.

It’s a bit on the laggy side in here though.


okay I’m getting a few in before bed XD

Sounds good. Can’t wait to get wrecked. xD

First couple of vids are up, I’ll be uploading the rest by the end of this week:

Playlist updated, almost all matches are up!! Last one will be uploaded today.

Edit: All matches are up, enjoy!!