XBCD drivers for doa4 stick

OK. i want to install XBCD drivers for my doa4 stick. i know you can. but every guide i tried doesnt work for me. im on xp pro sp2 32bit. has anyone tried installing any xbcd drivers to the doa4 stick and succeed?

i notice a lot of sites for various different xbcd drivers are dead. if anyone has had success, please help =)

Have you tried using the drivers here? There’s installation instuctions there too. Seemed simple enough. Looks like you just need to uninstall any other 360 drivers before you install the XBCD drivers. Never used XBCD myself since I just used the normal 360 drivers along with Joy2Key to play games on the DOA stick. I’d like to help you more but I’m running Linux right now so I can’t do much beyond that. Hope everything works out.

nope thats one of the methods. doesnt work. i cant do anything to override the default microsoft doa4 drivers. i mean, it works. but it doesnt work the way i want it to with certain programs.

Use this:

It is the only thing that allowed me to use my stick on my XP PC because of the dang Microsoft DOA4 drivers.

But this works like a charm with nearly every program you would need it for.

i do use xpadder already. i dont have problems using the stick on my pc. i need more flexibility with my stick and i want xbcd to do it, and i know theres a way. just cant figure out how heh

dunno if you figured it out yet or not, but I just got my doa stick working and working well due to the xbcd drivers.


Follow this guide, the only difference is that the DOA stick is listed as a Microsoft Common Controller as opposed to Xbox 360 controller, everything else is the same though. Hopefully this helps you out.