XB 360 problems

Just bought one. Hooked it up. Getting error E68, which according to sources both official (MS knowledge base) and otherwise is a hard drive error. I take the HD out… system boots up fine. I put it back… same error.

Right now I’m on the phone w/ XB support, been waiting half-an-hour. Anybody else encounter this? Anything I can do that will let me hang up this damn phone?

take it back to the store you bought it from and demand them to change it or give you a refund, better do it now or it will be to late to exchange, and if they want to test it to see the problem tell them to go ahead.

I had to ship the hard drive to a Microsoft repair center after talking with an X-Box support guy who WOULDN’T RAISE HIS FUCKING VOICE. So I guess I use the Memory Unit I have and wait.

I would normally do just that; I had to return my PSP FIVE TIMES to get one that isn’t a) full of dead pixels or b) in possession of a busted button.

However, and foolish of me to do this, I purchased it from a place where it was their last X-Box in stock, and therefore, while they are no-hassle on exchanges, they’d have to wait until they got one in, and I really don’t want to wait to play with my X-Box, which, sans its hard drive, works like a dream. I can live without the HD for a week or two; I want to get in on XBox live and all of its associated goodness (Live Arcade) but as long as I can play Marvel Ultimate Alliance now and Sonic the Hedgehog in a few days, I’ll be fine.

You could attempt to try to return your hd for another hd that sell separately. Never know, it might just work~