X3O Ticket to Evo 06 Tournament Series 2 Results


Sorry this was so late. I had to do a lot yesterday and today. Enjoy.

thanks. full results later or no?

If you didn’t make top 5…no one cares. :lol:

JK. I’d like to see the full results too. Just to see where my boys MOD and Snookums ended up in 3S.

…maybe if you guys followed the link, you would’ve seen that the results are posted…?

i posted like close to last hahahahaha. Thats it. Im pulling out more Oro next time. Time to make it a little more serious hahaha. Prolly wont see many of you for awhile so good luck on your tournaments. and have fun at Evo. When I come back its fuckin GO TIME.

At this time, I would like to take the time to thank some folks:

Damon and Staff: again bro, I really appreciate what you all are doing for the community. Unfortunately, I now see a potential issue with this X3O ticket concerning the last tournament being held at VTYME. At one point I thought that the last tournament was going to be held at X3O, but I guess that changed.

My main concern is, if Jinmasta is pro tekken and all of his last tourneys have always had a whopping number of Tekken entries above the Capcom games…then to me that would indicate that the game to be sponsored by X3O would automatically be Tekken. Pretty interesting, how conveniently this tournament came about near the final game for the sponsorship.

Moving forward:

Exodus: I don’t know what to do anymore cuz…I have no time to play and I’m always working on the house. I guess I may become a family man soon :confused: It’s always fun being in the finals with ya, just like old times huh?

Eric K: You are getting so much better and fast. You still get tournament nerves cause you had me for sure. Even in my old age I have that same problem. Good shit bro see you at the next one.

Aaron (10x): Damn you lost your hair and got a job. You too are getting better as I see you’ve stopped dashing in and are more patient. Lol, you hit me with my own wait for dash in then duck mk super. :tup: I was like, good shit what am I to do?

Antonio: I didn’t know that you were snookums until now. Keep practicing more mixups then you’ll own more.

Steve Harrison: Damn son, your chun is still so patient that its gayer than gay…(if thats even possible). Well you’ve come up alot my friend, but I’m back in MD now and you are officially #3 LMAO. I had a lot of fun at the Macdonalds with the old crew. If you guys weren’t there you missed it.

Koop: Damn nigga, I rarely get to holla at ya cause you be keepin da crowd hype like always with the jokes. Keep doin ya thang.

BChun/Carlos/Rugal: Only one thing to say, “I’m going all in.” LOL.

YPei/Aaron: good seeing ya’ll and don’t worry we’ll hit the club soon.

Anthony Gavin: I have to apologize as I came off rude to you and to Antonio when we were discussing the AE tourny. I am glad that you came out, too bad we couldn’t get any casuals in. BTW, tell Valle that he bleeds like Mai Lee…Lol.

Too anyone that I missed, my apologies but I will edit again later. See ya’ll at the next one and holla back.

Snookums posting.

To all thanks for the advice and the experience. After this tournament I decided to start to travel to meet new people with new play styles, that is the only way I will become on a"Daigo’s, KSK, Exodus, JWong, DevilJin’s level, and etc." To MOD one thing we need to realize it is not the character but it is the player that controls the sprite. Anyone and everyone in the 3rd strike cast is capable of winning a tournament is just that we have to put more time into our characters unlike a Chun li or Ken player. I thought about it and I will never give up on my Alex he is the character that fits my personality the most, and I know that when I win a tournament oneday that I want it to be with Alex then some random Top Tier. Anyway thanks again and thanks to Eric Lee for the pointers it is always good to see you playing amongst us in you “final day’s.” Oh Exodus my girl just showed up out of no were just too support me 2 more months until you see your gurl thats a killer LOL!!!


Dont give up on your Oro!!

hahaha well snukums, by your request I’ll keep playing Oro. It would take me 2 months to learn Yun anyways. I’ve run into a 3rd strike hump. Its hard for me to lose to Chun or Ken. It just is. I have this sort of code for myself to not play chun li bec ause she really isnt any fun. But when i lose to certain people using pads playing ken, I tend to get pissed off at myself. When I get back from Japan, those certain people are going down. especially mutha feckin Ultradavid (who wasnt at this tournament but has stuffed me out of other ones. not that he uses a pad or plays ken). Im gonna get you sir just watch. And Ross too. Im gonna get you Ross hahahahahahaha.

All in all this was a bad tournament for me, It was more than an off time for me i blew ass that day. But I’d also like to think that I’m one of the few people on the east coast who might actually pick Oro and get somewhere. But somehow I gotta get around getting being tied for 7th with Deviljin (last x30 and C3). I want to win dammit. and as many times i want to play some other character I always get slammed back to the reality that for the most part, Oro is who I am by far accusmted to and now I’ve gotten so used to playing him I can’t escape (stupid pun hahahaha). This point of fustration is something i got to get used to. Gotta make some game play changes and work around Oros short ass normals.

thats right Deviljin, your gonna have to back to picking yami shigure, because i fucking suck ass with everyone besides Oro. dont let me dash under your SA1 punk. Thing is I really only enter tournaments to play against Deviljin (who is,for the most part, my eternal 3s Rival) and I dont get to. But i also realized that I wont be able to have a chance if I dont pick Oro. Learning someone else at this point only hurts my game play.

Just to let you know… VTYME was made official waaaaay before X30 decided to have anything to do with the fighting game community. It just so happens that they decided to colaborate and make the last qualifyier at VTYME. If you really think you have a chance to get the sponsorship why don’t you do some promoting for CAPCOM game players to come to VTYME. That would increase the odds for you to get the sponsorship.

Damon, the one problem I’ve noticed was that it was the area x30 was held in. Yea, you can’t do nothing about that because it’s where you were located. However, you’re in a Tekken and 3S battle ground it seems. See, marvel for one is mainly like new york, or like 8 on the break. That’s where the marvel crowd is mainly. Cvs2 is mainly WC now cause not many peeps play that over here, and I can’t speak on ggxx at all.

That’s why the numbers were so low for marvel cause none of the mass players are in that area. I don’t think I could travel that far for a small turnout again. Well, still was somewhat fun because I got to be in a nice area and watch some 3s and cvs2 matches, but that’s about it.

Anyway, good luck with your tournaments in the future. And remember the area of certain gamers and what not. You might as well give jinmaster that T5 spot cause no one in MD will beat him and he knows it. As far as 3s goes I’d just give it to Justin if he goes to V-tyme cause from the looks of it I saw no one on his lvl at that tournament. No offense to any of the players there.

It’s cool man. You’re best off using who you’re comfortable with. Ibuki’s always been my favorite character adn I feel most comfortable with her playing style so that’s who I use. She’s a bit of a ways away from top tier and takes damage like the little girl she is…but I like her ability to always stay in the opponent’s face and the fact that no one uses her to begin with makes her even more fun to use. I just need to learn to minimize my mistakes so I can place higher in tournaments.

Yea man, thats how it always is around here with marvel…Most people CAN play, but they opt not to cause they know they wont get first

but it was good shit playing you, dont sandbag so much next time :\

Sorry its taking so long for me to post. I had a lot of things to do the past few days. I do want to address everyones issues though.

First, I do want to thank everyone for your support. It means a lot to me and Im sure that anyone that has actually taken the time to talk to me knows that Im genuine. I really want this thing to take off what with the GGL and my own personal interests but the people that will really benefit is the players. A few of you know what kind of things are brewing here but most of you dont. I REALLY am pushing for fighting games to be huge. October will be huge. Trust me. I just needed for certain people and organizations to see that you all deserve it. It happened. You all made it happen. Thank you.


About the final tourney being held at VTYME. I honestly thought, with peoples complaints about so many tourneys at once, having to travel, not competing with “Majors” so on and so forth, that that wa sa good idea. THat way people would only have to show up at one tourney and not have to take multiple days off of work, etc. I didnt plan that at the beginning but I did think it would actually work in everyones favor. As far as VTYME being Tekken-Centric, it doesnt have to be that way. As Vanguard said if more people come for Capcom games (as they did this past weekend…25 for 3S and 18 for Tekken) then that is all that is necessary for people like Shinshay (Eric) to clench the win. Its all about the support for your game. I want them all to be supported. Tekken, 3S, GG, MVC2, etc. Moving on from this year though, I have shown to the people above me that you all DO support your scenes. I plan on EVENTUALLY having it so that we send someone for EACH game. I think next year I will be at least able to send three if not seven (or whatever number it is next year). Furthermore, as I said, in October at least one Capcom game will be represented quite heavily so dont give up on me lol. Further than that, I plan on sponsoring people to go to different events in the interim…for different games. Tekken and 3S do seem like definates for THIS area…I have noticed that D. That doesnt stop them from coming here though…you did…the Empire did…But if I want to have people to go to different events, sponsored, I need to have a team of players for all games. It doesnt matter where you’re from. NY and Philly is not out of the question for me to pay for travel to here or for me to meet you out there…Ive been doing that for the past few months.

As far as Jinmaster being a shoe-in. Crow and other top players for Tekken are supposed to be at VTYME. So let me give you a scenario. If Crow wins top spot, more people or an even amount of people show up for 3S, and SHinshay gets at least second in 3S, THere is a good chance that Shinshay would win the spot. Furthermore, even if Justin wins the Ticket, Triforce has posted that he would be giving that ticket to the second runner up. The Empire is supposedly sending Justin regardless. Nothing is set in stone. Just be a competitor though. You will still get your prize money even if you dont get the ticket this year…and youll get the experience. If anyone has ANY questions Im more than willing to accept phone calls and return emails.

Snukums: Stop hijacking peoples accounts at my game center! lol

DevilJin: I heard your moms told you no more tournaments…lol

I understand your concern, but a few weeks ago, me and Damon having the Final at VTYME would work out the best for staff and the players.

At my tournaments, yes there are a ‘whopping’ number of Tekken entries, however at VTYME I am promoting all games equally. In fact, I am actually promoting Street Fighter games more. I hate to keep posting this over and over again, but I coordinating Alex Valle and Combofiend to come to the East Coast. With the tekken community, Im not really helping anyone fly in. If they do, they do. But again like I said, Im trying my hardest to help make VTYME a major for all games, 2d and 3d.


i said full results!!

eric we have to hit the club up before school starts

This message might be too late… But, I hear there are many many different levels of play, depending on what arcades you go to over there. From what I understand it’s in your best interest to spend some quality time in as many different arcades as possible, and not just stick to one or two. I’m sure you’ve already read up on all this, though.

Cool. If you level up, I hope to learn what you learn. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh in between drinking, partying, eating, classes, and general Japanese tail chasing, you can bet ill be at every damn arcade. + I wanna play some VF5 as well. but yeah ths trip is about to be heavy. Its gonna be sick.

all except for the heat the tourny was ok… wanted to see justin and brandon/ Dhyo go at it though… and the randomness of the seatings was bad a noob like me never should of played jinmaster first round in tekken and josh wong second round somone hates me… n alex pei first in 3s (wtf!!!) but that how shit goes you go home n practice more that bout it… jinmaster i want to appologize for my dickhead remarks to you after our match the heat was gettin to me the long ass drive got to me n gettin the top seed first round just flat out blew… good shit though thanks for the experiance hopefully my friend can get out their next time it will be a really good match. next time ill take at least a match instead of a round though :slight_smile: