X vs. Alex Match-Up Links

Saw this in the Cammy thread and I liked it, seems an easy way to access the threads without needing countless shortucts or having to filter through everything. Links to every sub-forums specific Alex match-up thread if available.

[details=Spoiler]Alex - Matchup Thread -- Alex

Balrog(General MU thread) - "Smash Faces, Get Money." The Balrog/Boxer Matchup Thread

Birdie(General MU thread) - Birdie Matchup Thread: Mash Potato!

Cammy - Cammy Match-Up Discussion: Alex

Chun-Li(General MU thread) - Chun Li Match-Ups Thread: Police Reports

Dhalsim - Matchup vs Alex

F.A.N.G.(General MU thread) - F.A.N.G. Match-Ups Thread

Guile - Alex Match Up Thread

Ibuki(General MU thread) - Fighting against the Ninja Glade: Ibuki Matchup Thread *11/5 Update*

Juri(General MU thread) - SFV Juri matchups thread

Karin(General MU thread) - Karin Match Up Thread: Oops! Sorry! Can I still play?

Ken(General MU thread) - Ken Match-ups Thread: "Strong fighters such as yourself make it worth staying in shape!"

Laura - Matchup Thread -- Alex

M.Bison - ALEX Match Up Thread

Nash - ALEX Matchup Thread

Necalli(General MU thread) - Necalli Match-Ups Thread: Devour Strong Souls

R.Mika - Mika Matchup: Alexplain it to You Planely

Rashid(General MU thread) - Rashid Match-Ups Thread

Ryu(General MU thread) - The Ryu Matchup Thread - Good Ol' Fundamentals

Urien - Matchup Thread -- Alex

Vega(General MU thread) - Vega Match-Ups Thread: I Only Understand the Pain of Being too Strong and Beautiful

Zangief - Matchup thread - alex