X-Split/Twitch.tv Issue

Basically during my test stream, I’m trying to run ePSXe on my laptop to stream a game for a marathon run. Everything started fine, runs awesome except when I go full-screen with the emulator, the actual stream says something to the effect of turning virtual camera output on, when in fact it is checked. Tried re-installing, checking/unchecking in between streaming, updating my drivers and the like.

Anyone have this problem or know how to resolve it?

You can’t go full-screen with games if you’re using Xsplit. At least, that’s how it is with all other games, I haven’t personally tried out ePSXe. Try windowed mode (or at least, that’s what i’m assuming is the problem).

So if you’re playing a full-screen game like Skyrim (I’m so current and relevant hurhur), you have to go window mode to stream it. There’s a program called ShiftWindow that’ll take the window and fill the screen again, so essentially a pseudo full-screen.

I would probably mess around with ShiftWindow and ePSXe if you really want to keep it full screen.

Unless I just completely misread the problem and I’m just full of shit. :frowning:

No, that’s exactly the issue. Thank you for the help, I really appreciate it. I’m working on getting a capture device to make it easy but didn’t think it’d be this much hassle for full-screen.