X-men Mutant Academy

There have been some pretty obcure and rare games mentioned on SRK and this thread is no exception…so be open minded. With that said today we are going to talk about the X-men mutant acedemy series. Now I don’t know if a competitive scene ever developed for these games or if these game where even worth the time or effort to learn. I’m making this thread to get a awnser to both those questions, so let’s see where this goes.

I own the first and last tittles of the series and from what I have observed, it seems the 1st tittle is failry decent. It has a conventinal control scheme with modest sub-systems,fundamentally simplistic mechanics and a assessable combo engine. Granted the "super"implementation is incredibly contrived if not entirly horrible, but excluding that everything else fits in pretty good.

I don’t note any strongly offensive points from the characters, they all seem rather reasonable in there strategy and ability so it doesn’t feel like the potential of a"broken"roster balance is present but that’s just strong speculation if anything. Regardless though, at the very least I think the first tittle is worth getting to know…what are you’re guys thoughts on this.

games were definitely broken… i remember that wolvy had a one button infinite juggle string, that made even my mom a force to be reckoned… that being said i found the game fun and with a proper competitve scene it coulda been a really entertaining game… i can remember countless summer nites where me and my friends, family, ect. sat around and played Xmen Mutant Academy king of the hill style for hours on end… i remember i was a beast with Gambit, (as always) STeve was crazy good with Toad, Jay was good with Havoc and Nightcrawler… and the pool party level was the best level easily…

Well I was playing part 1 and it does seem like it could be fun, I know part 2&3 where considerably broken from some combo video’s I’ve seen but part 1 might have potential.

I have played the sequal, which is a little better. The only problem I have with the game is that the controls are a little rough. Other than that, it is not bad.

Cyclops was ridiculous in 3. The sexy ass triple leveled optic blast combo sold me.

X-Men MA 2 is better. I remember always picking Magneto in that one. He’s very good. The next good character was cyclops.

Actually Havoc would come before Cyclops and Mags was nothing more than mid at best. Wolverine was pretty much tops.

mutant academy 2 is a fucking classic

interesting, i didn’t know that. I also use Psylocke and Juggernaut. Xavier is just a joke character, thats what it seems like lol.