X-factor changes in Ultimate

So when UMvC3 was first announced, it was said that X-factor had been balanced across the board, with every character receiving an equal speed and damage boost…

A couple of weeks ago, we learned that different characters will now have different amounts of time for X-factor levels 2 and 3.

Now, according to the recent Capcom Unity post, it seems like X-factor has basically gone back to how it was in MvC3…


The attack and speed increases for each character while in X-Factor have been adjusted. Additionally, the damage reduction minimum while in X-Factor has been decreased from 50% in MvC3 to 35% in UMvC3, and Hyper Combos performed during X-Factor will now be subject to damage scaling.

Along with the fact that they probably still have specific times. Also let me go ahead and say the changes in damage scaling are very nice.

What do you think of these changes? Personally I’ve never liked the idea of a character’s X-factor being an “stat”. Like if this was NBA jam, XFC would be a part of each character’s stats with a 1-10 rating.

I don’t like the idea of saying “This character’s ok, but their X-factor is amazing!” And It seems like they are just going more towards this idea with the separate speed/power boost and separate times. Just a couple of minutes ago on the NYCC stream, a guy was down to Chris as his last character, and the commentator said, “Ok let’s see if Chris can do this. Chris gets a huge boost from X-factor!”

I’m sure it’s for some sort of balancing. When it was first announced that everyone will have an equal X-factor boost, I thought it might be a problem if Hulk gets the same power and speed increase as Wolverine. But I’m still just not sure if I like it. What are your thoughts?

xfactor is fucking stupid in any regard, it doesnt really matter wether or not you get 30% damage 40% speed or 20% damage 60% speed, youre going to kill whatever you’re hitting when its activated regardless

just roll with it son

Yeah, I think it’s fair to say that every character gets a huge boost from XF. I’m not sure what to think about this, other than I just wish that no character would get like 100% damage boost or over. Speed I don’t really care, that is cool actually.

35% minimum scaling as opposed to 50% is a big nerf even if they left everything else about it alone…

…except they did nerf everything else about it.

Yeh it’s pretty true that with X-factor comes fuckage regardless. It probably won’t end up being a big change in the end, but I just don’t really like their theory of it I guess.

I was much more in favor of everyone having the same XF buffs. That way we wouldn’t have to scratch our heads over who gets what.

Generally, I like them, XFC is a fun concept, it’s just generally a little too strong.

Though I’m not actually sure if I like Air XF, certainly adds some neat new tricks you can do, but it also seems like it’s taking away a large chunk of counterplay that was present in vanilla.

Some of the decisions were questionable in vanilla, but I do think having character specific values isn’t a bad thing. Especially if the numbers are toned down from Vanilla.

Chris doesn’t really get THAT much of a boost from XF. Sure he can chip you down or whatever but it’s not like he gets awesome supers and still can’t really combo off his grab for shit AFAIK. It’s like saying Captain America gets a big boost in XF. Can still push block the shit out of both of them and just generally super jump around to avoid their shit.


Underline is the part of the biggest nerf to X-Factor.

Wolverine is guaranteed not to be able to XF1kill Pre-nerf Sentinel anymore…

pretty sure that with his new gun cancelling he can combo off his grab just fine.

The underlined portion makes no sense, since hypers already scaled to the minimum of 50% in X-factor. The only thig it can posisbly mean is they scale down to 35% minimum damage like everything else. Sphere Flame makes it pretty fucking obvious they still scale, as it has a base value of 1,406,000 in XF3. If hypers didn’t scale at all in XF, all XF3 Doom combos would be something along the lines of c.L xx Sphere Flame.

I want damage toned down or health given a general increase, especially with this X-factor thing being talked about.

I think my biggest concern is the time differences. Some characters like Akuma seem that have level 3 X-factor forever, where as some have it about as long as vanilla X-factor 2 or less.

I think that this will be a factor (lol) to consider for certain characters, and I just don’t like that. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I don’t know what to think of X-Factor’s changes. I thought it was kind of a good idea that everyone was going to get the exact same boosts for a while, because you don’t want a character like Wesker who gets better boosts than everyone else. But it’s also really boring from a design standpoint if you give everyone the same boosts.

It’s like, “We couldn’t figure out how to balance this mechanic, so every character uses it the same way.”

But like, no matter how they balance it, I think Hulk and Chris are going to be pretty ass in X-factor.