I want to ask a question about x-arcade in this section because I want to know if X-arcade is a good arcade stick compared to the real arcade of Marvel vs Capcom 2 (US version). I want to know if it is almost a like? does it even compare to the real arcade of Marvel vs Capcom 2(US version)? If I buy the X-arcade, I would only use it play Marvel vs Capcom 2(US Version) on my PS2, would this be a great arcade stick?

Forget the X-Arcade! It ‘looks’ good from pics, but it is not, and there are far superior options you could get instead for about the same price.

Like the SFAC w/Happ parts.

Or the MAS:

almost anything will be better than an x-arcade.

can somebody please tell me what’s so bad about the x-arcade, please do tell in detail because just saying it is bad really isn’t helpful

shitty parts. Don’t buy it.

Stock parts are said to be really crappy. It is supposed to be easy to swap out with Real Happ stuff however.

Signal Lag: For PC games It is supposed to be ok, but for consoles with the adapters, there is signal lag time.

For the same price as the X-Arcade, you could buy something superior to it with all the bells/whistles inside, like the MAS.

Yeah don’t take a fighting game forums word for it.

It’s shit. Shitty parts, shitty feel, cheap construction, a damn pelican would be better.

You are going to want something with happ parts in it, or even the SF:AC stick would be better than the x-arcade.

Saying it’s a bad stick IS helpful, just not as helpful as you wanted it to be. Tough.

No need to be rude and get on your high-horse just because the guy wants real details beyond, “that stick sucks”. You are not helping with that attitude.

Take your PMS meds, and chill dude :looney:

Wow, the Super Pro Stick looks pretty awesome. I am now looking forward to buy that one but I don’t know how to order from their website because there is no button that says “Add to Cart”


I’ve never ordered from them either, just look around a bit. Should be there somewhere, or you might have to contact them.

Or do a google search for MAS sticks available at other sites. Like this one:


wow, it is even cheaper at estarland.com thank you so much True Grave I really appreciate your help.

Well the shipping for it may or may not be pretty high.

I didn’t check :sweat:

the shipping is cheap, its about $13 and thats including a tracking number

Best American stick is MAS or any custom stick with Happs parts.
Best Japanese stick is HRAP with Sanwa buttons.

Is this site legit?

That’s an unbelievable price.

yes estarland is probably one of the best places to buy imports and things like that.

Got my swap magic set from them in 3 days and great customer service.

Good thing I searched for this thread and found out that x-arcade sticks are crappy, I was going to buy one. I guess my best option would be an MAS Super Pro Stick with the competition joystick and buttons right?

Your better off using Dreamcast controllers then playing with an X-Arcade stick. That’s how bad they are.

Yes that would be a good buy, and investment in the long run. Competition stick and convex competition buttons are the way to go(competition buttons are all convex, Happ Ultimate would be the concave).