X-Arcade lag testing results

Using the methods outlined in the adapter thread I decided to see if my X-Arcade’s console adapters were laggy (the PSX/PS2 adapter for it seemed lagless, but I was wanting to verify). I found that my X-Arcade with a Playstation/Playstation2 adapter/connect was lagless using the tools mentioned in the adapter thread.

This leads me to wonder if there’s a degree of variance in the quality of X-Gamings parts or PCBs. I know some people have experienced lag with their adapters…so I was wondering if this was an issue that was fixed at some point (my adapter is a number of years old…I think I got this thing about 6 months after Soul Calibur hit the consoles). This was with my Playstation1/2 adapter, so I’m also wondering if those were lagless and if it was just the XBox and other adapters (I’ve experienced lag with my XBox X-Arcade adapter…and I ended up using a PSX/PS2->XB adapter…I want to test the XBox and Gamecube adapters I have for the X-Arcade…but I don’t have the appropriate USB adapters for those systems; however, I intend to get them so that I can get some numbers to satisfy my curiosity…and I’ll likley order a DC adapter and a DC->USB setup to test the same thing if I get around to it).

I used various PSX/PS2->USB adapters, including 3 Radio Shack adapters that have always worked flawlessly for me (the best of the 3 is also the ugliest…looking like something from the Tandy era…but working without a hitch), a Pelican PSX->PS3 adapter that also worked on my PC, and the XFPS360 adapter…all of these were lagless. I have a Soyo adapter and a really horrible walmart white boxy looking adapter for multiple systems that exhibited significant lag with all controllers I slapped into them (not just the X-Arcade)…with the walmart adapter not even always working and sometimes just going completely wonky/irratic.

My ramblings aside, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my X-Arcade seems to be lagless for my purposes (the adapters I use on my 360, PS3, and PC are all lagless with it)…and the only thing that really needs improved are the parts which I’m already in the process of doing. I just put in a Happ Super stick from tornado terry’s (I’m in the process of trying to find a metal/chrome sleeve for the stick, as I remember the super sticks in the arcades way back when having shiny metal looking shafts/sleeves on them)…although I also ordered an IL comp stick from Lizard Lick and I’ll try it too and see which I prefer. I also ordered some horizontal concave happ buttons from Lizard Lick as well (orange ones, should look nice with the black X-Arcade “box”). I never liked convex buttons on an arcade stick, as its not what I’m used to and they just aren’t “arcade” buttons to me (though I’m going to eventually build a Japanese style stick to replace my long lost NAMCO stick with the same grey and yellow color scheme…those NAMCO sticks were sexy with that parkerized grey and bright yellow look they had).