X-23 resets and mixups

Sup everybody I was just wondering what were some of your viable mixups with x-23 seeing as how I am unable to figure any out on my own. ATM I just use her qcb. B to try and mess up my opponents blocking but that’s about it. … =(

Well, I think this is a nice one it works with Trish’s peekaboo or hopscotch, Magneto’s hypergrav, and Chris’ grenade toss.

AB(assist+C)or during her hop loop if hit/blocked into whatever you want C hop again for overhead, tk dive kick, instant air d+C, fake hop to walk up grab, dash under/cross hop or even setup for neck grab (not sure on this one yet). This needs a little more testing, though been getting my brother with this trick quite a few times.

Made a video of some I came up with using Sentinel assist

Also found a tech trap using dirt nap. This involves using her basic L,M,H combo xx Dirt Nap. Afterwards you wave dash twice to cause a ground cross up. If they tech back,they’ll drop right in front of you. If they tech forward you cross them up on their way down and they’ll still fall right in front of you. If they try doing a counter (Sentinel Rocket Punch is the example shown), you’ll be completely safe and can punish their missed move. If this works out in the long run, this will make X-23’s mind games even more crazy.

During an air combo finish with her down talon dive (:d:+:h:) and you will land before your opponent. You’ll even time to dash and set up something else.

Here’s a basic corner mixup I do.
Call an assist, L, M, QCB+M
It’s similar to Dhalsim’s fireball+teleport mixup.
The M Feint in the corner leaves you at perfect range to continue pressure.

Just so everyone knows, dirt nap is unprorated by combos. It’s always better to combo into it, if possible.

Also, here’s an instant overhead on sentinel. Because everyone should hate him in this game.


Also, nifty 50/50 in the corner:


love this!!

Combo into Dirt Nap


Yo are you the same 10stars from dustloop that runs bang? If so good shit bro, and nice corner 50/50 there, can’t wait to see all the resets people come up with her since she doesn’t really dish out that much damage and will prolly rely on resets for the bulk of her damage.

yeah, i went into hiding on the dustloop forums because bb and gg are both dead. was waiting for mvc3 to start getting back to work again.

Yeah, or end an air combo with crescent scythe. You’ll fall first then too with time to dodge.

Is it just me, or does she need overhead moves? Down heavy and talon dive can both be blocked low. That sucks.


I don’t think Talon Dive or any of the Talon Attacks can be blocked low. I use TK A-Talon as a moderately quick overhead. It’s not the fastest move in the world but it feels solid to me. I like to use it sometimes after a B-Feint cross up or after I call my Storm assist at range (Whirlwind) so I have some cover while I dash up and do it. Its worked for me in plenty of matches and in Training with the Dummy set to All Guard (Low Only). So I don’t know. Maybe I’m missing something.

‘all guard low only’ doesn’t work in that situation.
you can do st.jab and it’ll hit.

Don’t forget to cancel her H moves into hop, hold the hop, press S. This will cancel the animation of all of her normals. If you expect the opponent to block, cancel her normals and go for the grab.


Ok, that makes no sense to me. Why wouldn’t Standing A hit a Dummy set to All Guard (Low Only)? Standing A isn’t a low attack.

I don’t see why All Guard (Low Only) wouldn’t work in any situation. I think Talon Dive and TK A-Talon work just fine as overheads. At least they do for me. Maybe my X-23 is just special.

They are NOT overheads. When you set it to all guard low only the dummy only blocks all LOW attacks. The dummy won’t block mid and overhead (high) attacks. Standing A is a mid attack because it’s not a low attack.

The dummy gets hit with talon dive and down C meaning just like standing A. Try this; set the dummy to crouch and he’ll low block talon dive and down C. Then you’ll believe.

Anyway, this means her left/right mixup game, and command throw are that much more imortant because the heavy feint is too obvious unless you’ve conditioned your opponent to suspect a short hop and throw. It doesn’t matter against computer, though. Com keeps throwing me, even in the middle of a magic series.

They’re totally overheads. Maybe you’re confused about the meaning of the term or something. They hit high and a move that hits high is the very definition of an overhead in this game.

EDIT - Alright, you guys are totally right and I am totally wrong. They don’t hit high at all. They hit mid. I’m apparently a total dumbass. Maybe it’s been working in matches for me as a pushblock counter or something. Who knows.


The last part of that video after wesker dies is a (Dont quote me on this, i havent found ways out of it without an air dp) inescapable setup into dirtnap.

I use hsien ko has an assist. I use her pendulum. I like

Abc+assist, qcb+b.

Against some people you can use qcb+c and cross over. I don’t know how reliable it is.

I also like to do an air combo ending with s. When they land I use assist+ qcb+b the same way as above.

I’m really new to this game as I didn’t play mvc2 or tvc, so these are things that probably are common that I just found.

I use morrigan also so I use x23 in the same way. Ankle slide as an assist and dash with morrigan. With ground blocking she crosses over.