Wyoming's Got Game

Or is it just me?


Especially Laramie, Wyoming… :confused:

Fuck a Wyoming…

All I know about Laramie is that a gay black dude was killed there once for being gay, and black. Though not necessarily in that order. Why any gay or black dude would be in Wyoming is beyond me. You should have enough sense to realize that the people are too backwards to make the effort and meet you halfway. At some point, courage bleeds into hubris. Then you end up doing the bleeding.

Good luck with the gaming though.

Would you be willing to come chill in Montana ever?

We’re thinking of throwing a tourney in Missoula at some point towards the summer.

I wrote a paper on Matthew Shepard in my Leadership and Governance in Post-Secondary Education class. It was really tragic. What was really messed up is how they got him drunk and lured him out, only to rob, pistol whip him and then torture him. They then left him out in the open to die a very slow and agonizing death from his injuries.

Sorry, but yea that’s the impression I have of Wyoming.

Based off of Keith’s and Pat’s info…I’d be good as dead there.

When I was in High School a few friends an I used to camp in the mountains in Colorado. One time on our way there(from Iowa) we drove through Laramie. I had really long hair back then, I went to pay for the gas and the clerk wouldn’t acknowledge me. I stood there for quite some time, then left the money and took off. We got stopped by cops saying we didn’t pay, then we went back and the money was still there. Sooooooooooo lame.

I know a couple guys named Ennis and Jack that hang out alot in Wyoming.

Hey, gonna be in Jackson, WY for the next week. Kind of hoping to find signs of street fighter life.
Txt 8o1-867-4o5o

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Can host street fighter and marvel in cheyenne… been trying to start up a scene here since I moved from hawaii.