WWE Brawl Stick (Xbox 360) back button broken?

I purchased a WWE Brawl Stick for my first stick to mod. My Sanwa buttons and joystick are on the way…but I was screwing around in Trials with my stock Brawl Stick and I noticed that my back button (to show inputs) would only work in RS mode. Sometimes, after I’ve switched from D-Pad to RS mode a few times to view inputs it doesn’t work at all…if I reset my console…or sometimes exit Trials and return, it will work again…but then the issue will repeat itself. I don’t have this problem with my fight pads.

This isn’t a huge issue since you can go to the command list and see what moves to input for unfamiliar characters…but I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything faulty with my stick before voiding the warranty. I don’t have any games on Steam or 360 that actually use an arcade stick + the back button so I can’t really test it. I’ve tried other games but it seems that the Brawl Stick isn’t recognized like my fight pads…(ex. if I use my fight pad in GTA, LS mode allows me to walk, RS mode moves the camera; if I use my Brawl Stick, all three modes act as the D-Pad which activate the cellphone/map).

I can only assume that because the stick was intended for WWE All Stars, it’s the reason it isn’t working 100%…? My last resort would be to try and download a program that will allow me to map a function to it and try a game on Steam…but I kinda wanted to ask here before I went through the trouble…

If anyone has any experience this, your expertise would be greatly appreciated.


The WWE Brawl stick being intended for WWE All Stars would not effect your stick differently with any other games.
Your WWE All Stars stick should work the same in WWE All Starts as it would in Street Fighter IV, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Blazblue, Skull Girls, Marvel vs Capcom, a NES emulator with Super Mario Bros or even Jamestown (Steam shmup title).

The function the arcade stick has in GTA is considered normal. LS is the Left Analog, DP is the D-pad and RS is Right Analog.

How new is your stick. If you just purchase you arcade stick new, I suggest to take advantage of the warranty.

Brand new…got it off Amazon.com for 30$. Just got it like 2 days ago heh…
There is a disclaimer in the instructions of the brawl stick though:

“This controller was specifically designed for use with WWE ALLSTARS. For use with other games, please refer to the game’s manual or in-game control options.”

And Mad Catz’s own store http://store.gameshark.com/ had the same stick for $20.

Ether way if its from Amazon it self and not a 3rd party seller and it indeed sold as new, take advantage of the warranty.
Call (not email) Mad Catz (and not amazon) and tell them about your issue.

I had the same issue with my back button not working. Had to pop it open and jiggle a few wires and that fixed the issue. It might just be a lose connection somewhere.

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I tapped it pretty hard twice and now it works as it should…-________-; Whenever it doesn’t work…if I smack near the Back button on the underside…it works like it should. If I were to unscrew the wires and jiggle them a bit would it void the warranty? My parts haven’t arrived yet >.<

edit: There’s definately something wonky going on in there. If it stops working and I shake/tap it a few times…it works fine. If opening it will void the warranty I may just get a replacement and hope it doesn’t take forever.

its up to you. keep in mind putting in your own parts constitutes a void in your warranty any ways.

It sounds like just a wire is loose, and if you are going to just pop off the bottom panel you may as well go in and secure that loose wire.

Hmmm…so if I pop the bottom off and correct the wire that would void my warranty as well? If so I may just get a new one since it’ll be another week or so until my joystick and buttons arrive.

Best for you to switch it out just in case.

MadCatz has it for cheaper but their shipping will bring you within a dollar or so of Amazon’s price if you use free shipping with Amazon or have prime shipping. That being said, since it’s defective, return/exchange it as such and Amazon won’t charge for return shipping and shipping a new one out to you. And customer service wise, Amazon is by far easier to deal with.

**I did that earlier this morning. I have another brand new one on the way (two day shipping as well)…fortunately I work next door to a UPS so I can just drip it off after my shift tomorrow. They did notify me that if I have the same problem with the next one they would handle my warranty with Madcatz and pull the item off of Amazon until they fixed the issue. **