WWE All Star "Brawl" Stick easy to mod as SFIV SE stick?

Since the SE SFIV stick from madcatz is no longer being made, the next option would be the WWE All Stars Brawl Stick, lol I know. I’m sure you guys have seen it before but here it is


My intentions are to get new parts for it and use these parts in my first custom built controller. But I’m not sure if the inside is as easy to mod as the SF stick, anyone have it and taken a look inside?

No videos/images show up on google search. I can’t help but think it is the exact same with different components and artwork. Looks like it tahts for sure.

Gamestop clerk said that he believes its different then the SF stick, but he sounded pretty unsure. You guys will know more then him.

The SFIV characters morphed into two big sweaty men.

the main difference is that it has different artwork. although some attest that the stock parts are similar to the TVC stick, which is better than the original SE, stick.

edit: jdm


The parts are not similar to the TvC.
They are the TvC parts.
Different colors.

Or maybe that is what similar means.
I don’t know definition.

THanks guys, I’m real nervous about getting it and finding out the insides are a headache to modify.

Why did you make new Thread though?
Oh well, increase my Post Count.

Your question already answered in previous Thread.
Just because chris0419 said he had not opened his, you nervous?

Long story short, the TvC, SFIV SE and the Brawl SE are the same stick in terms of ease modding.

Only real differences are the TvC and Brawl sticks use different stick and buttons from the SFIV, and the TvC pcb is for the Wii, while the SFIV and Brawl sticks are for the 360 or PS3. Its the same case, wiring, same replacement part options. Art and case color is cosmetic and isn’t really a factor to a dedicated modder.

Just use the SFIV SE guides here and you should be fine

I figured it was a whole new subject and I probably wouldn’t have gotten my answer in a thread about the sfiv se. This brawl stick seems like a joke to me so I just wanted confirmation and darksakul summed it up perfectly, thanks dark.

I have opened mine, and I can confirm that it is easy as pie. Within two hours of getting it home it was being de-warrantied (+Ps2 pcb) All normal SE rules apply.

YES! Thats exactly what I was lookin for. Thank you

See jdm, bet I would haven’t got that reply in my other thread. This would probably also explain why Madcatz has discontinued the SFIV SE stick.

well, you might have, since I looked at that thread…

I just helped my friend mod a PS3 Brawlstick tonight. If you’ve modded an SE before, you’ll know what to expect as the process is exactly the same.

Notable changes from the original PS3 SE to a PS3 Brawlstick that I’ve noticed:

  1. There is a plastic separator kinda thing inside the stick to sorta help with the cable management.

  2. There are now lights on top of the Home button to indicate which player you are.

  3. The stick and buttons are supposed to be the same kind as the TVC stick, but I can’t say much about that as I didn’t use them. The joystick also had a shaft cover on it which I though was a neat addition.

  1. i remember reading something about the pseye using the dualshock3/sixaxis player indicator lights for something… or maybe I imagined that. so maybe it’s per Sony?edit: thought about it, probably because it’s a 4 player game!

  2. I also have a pair of those tvc sticks and yes, buttons are the same. For some reason my wwe’s joystick spring felt considerably stiffer than both tvc’s. Can anyone confirm/deny this? I think I need to take that tvc apart again and compare springs (coils/wire gauge)

edit: I meant to say psmove but I was looking at a pseye today in a thrift store… or maybe it was the ps eye
also, button mapping on ps3 is: sq tr l1 l2
x o r1 r2
which I know is not a big deal. MvC3 ? control scheme works for me.

i know this is kind of repetative and im sorry for the repeated questions but im new with this kind of stuff, so i downloaded a template to change the artwork for my wwe brawler stick which i just ordered (http://www.capcom-unity.com/s-kill/blog/2009/02/09/diy_stick_art_sfiv_fightstick_faceplate_templates) but the template is actually for the SSFIV se stick. will the art still fit perfectly?? i know u said it has the same case i just want to make sure