Wu-tang Av Request

uh the topic says it all. an av with with the wu-tang logo in it…it’d be really dope if it was rumbling or something but that might be a little much to ask for…so yeah lol

so you like wu-tang huh?

I had a wu tang av that I made myself… now this thread makes me want another one

yea Wu-Tang owns :cool:

:stuck_out_tongue: i jus requested a Liquid swords av in monkeyspanks thread

Yo we need to have Empire Wu tang avs

actually empire wu would be pretty dope





is it cool if I rock that at some point?

Sure ! you are welcome to join the empire anyday :lol:

not to be a bitch…but do u think u could make the wu symbol bigger if not, cool anyways.

after im done with this imma rock the empire wu…suuuuuuuuuuuuu

oh shit i’m bout use that haha