Wu massacre cover by Chris Bachalo



This just reminds me of those mediocre Wu-Tang comics that came out in the past. How they gonna call ODB (RIP) Osiris? I know that’s one of his names but still. Old Dirty Bastard or nothin’. Okay Big Baby Jesus would fly. OG Comics Code catching wreck. :rofl:

:rofl: the art was good. ironically i think another sano did some wu tang stuff too…that never came out.

Yeah the art was good. I didn’t know what the story was about. I wanted to see some Five Percenters in a Martial Arts epic but all of five people would get it. :clown:

WTF is a WuTang?


Art looks sick. Really all there is to say about that.

Art is pretty sick.

and lol, I have a few of those Wu comics laying around here somewhere. Think it was only like 5 issues or something? Dunno, I have some of the same ones with different covers and shit.

Yes, I have no idea who this Wu Tang fellow is @3@;

The Wu-Tang Clan is an American based rap group that consists of RZA, GZA, Old Dirty Bastard (RIP), Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God and Master Killah. Hmm I think I got them all.

PS Shyheim the rugged child does not count so let us forget that ever happened. :rofl:

Method Man sometimes goes by the name Johnny Blaze after Ghost Rider.

Ghostface Killah sometimes goes by the names Ironman or Tony Stark after the Marvel character.


When is this coming out? I’ve bought a lot of crap simply because of the art. This might be one of those things!

Shyheim was pretty ill. Even some of his stuff after he got out of jail was pretty good. But yea, he’s not a part of the Wu.

LOL just don’t like kid rappers but that’s just me. :sweat:

more artwork http://live.drjays.com/index.php/2010/03/01/preview-wu-tang-clans-comic-book-inspired-album-art/

album comes out on the 30th.

method man and ghostface came out with graphic novels. Method Man came by my local comic shop to sign autographs of his graphic novel. cool dude.

Bachalo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Joe Mad

I’ll have to check out those graphic novels, never knew they existed till now.

Should be a good album. The artwork is so sick for it. I might just have to buy the vinyl for the cover just to hang it in my room.

the new album is gonna be mad hot… the artwork is super mad aswell, is there gonna be some kind of limited comic that comes with the album or something like that? or is all the art just for variant covers of the case?.. in any case all the news is saying that the RZA is only producing the album and isn’t actually featured… is that true?.. the RZA is prolly the most well versed of the Wu-Tang not to mean that Meth, Ghostface, and Raekwon aren’t good with words, RZA is just my favorite… i hope he’s on a couple tracks or something… hey have any of you guys seen The Wackness, it’s a little indie film that got alot of attention last year and won some awards, but it’s got Method Man in it as a rasta drug lord kinda fun to see…