WTT: Xbox Live Game Cards: Frogger, TimePilot

I’m willing to trade these for other unused game cards; I already have Worms and Uno on the xbox, so those won’t work, but Geometry Wars, Robotron, whatever, would be awesome to get. Also willing to trade for 200 point cards each for Time Pilot, or Time Pilot and Frogger. If the game is one Im interested in, like Geometry Wars, I’ll trade both straight across for it.

I have 200 points (2 100s) that I’ll trade for Astropop. If interested, I’ll send the codes to you via PM 1st and once they go through you can send your code to me.

At least I think that’s what you’re askin… not sure if you wanted the games for 200 or trading your games for 200.

Done, PM away and I’ll do the same. (hehe, so we’re clear. You PM to me the two codes on the back of your two 100 point cards, and I’ll PM you the code from my Astropop card.)

I have those three (soon to be two) game cards. I want to trade for something else.

Bizzump. If I don’t get any offers for Frogger and/or Time Pilot in the next few days before I hook up my 360, I’ll redeem them.