WTT: T5 stick + $$ for Hrap 3

I just recently got a PS3 and since those pelican ps2 -> ps3 converters are so hard to find, I figured I’d try and trade for a Hrap 3.

My T5 stick is still in great condition. Minor scratches here and there, but hardly noticable. I bought it for $60 used(pretty much brand new) and to be honest I haven’t really played on the stick that much so it’s still in the same great condition as when I bought it, which was roughly 2 months ago. I’m asking for a $50 value and I’ll add in some more $$ for a Hrap 3. Used or new, doesn’t matter. As long as it’s in good condition.

Pm me if interested.

Note: I’m only willing to trade. I won’t sell the T5 stick as it is the only stick that I have at the moment.