WTT Seimitsu screw in blue clear buttons and an LS-56 for Sanwa parts

I have 6 clear blue Seimitsu ps-14-kn 30mm screw in buttons that are hardly used they look brand new. I’m looking to trade for some Sanwa screw in buttons In purple, or black or dark hai, open to many colors but those are what I would prefer.

Next up I have a spare Seimitsu LS-56 stick that I would like to trade for a normal Sanwa JLF with mounting plate. My two main sticks have ls-56’s in them and I love them and their heavy spring. But I wanna give a jlf a go for marvel 3.

Shoot me a PM or send me an e-mail at qweets (at) comcast (dot) net. I would only like to deal with people who have good feedback as I have been ripped off on here before.

pmed about 56

you’re going to regret using a jfl…lol…after an Ls-56-01 it feels like a hotdog down a hallway :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey chuu Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! man! maybe he likes big va-JJ I mean jlf

Loose girls need loving too

trading jlf for ls56 in process

Stick has been shipped to Rosser, he should receive it soon… Now to get some screw in sanwa buttons! anyone?

i think loose girls are loose because they get too much lovin’ :stuck_out_tongue: sometimes from many different directions at the same time lol…

Sanwa OBSN-30 screw-ins don’t come in purple, black or dark hai. I’d trade with you if I had 6 spare OBSN-30, but at the moment I only have 3x blue.

PM sent for seis

Shipping out Monday! 6 brand new whites

Just got the stick from Rooster, perfect stuff man! Good trade. Now I’m awaiting confirmation of shipping from cleaner on the buttons.

update the first post.

Shipped out today. pm’d with tracking