WTT/S: PS3 Full Sanwa Madcatz SE For stock HRAP 3, or games, or 70 shipped

Title of thread says it all.

Comes with 4 corner screws and the rubber stoppers, standard dustwasher + dust cover. I do not have the original SE buttons/stick or the box.

Looking for this:

Doesn’t need to be the SE version, just the stock one with Hori parts


Selling SE for 70 shipped I’m also willing to drop price if you have something on the trade list.


Willing to trade for any 2 of these following titles:
-Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
-3D Dot Game Heroes
-God of War 3
-Eternal Sonata

Or a DualShock 3 and a Marvel vs Capcom 3 guide or a DualShock 3 with one of the above games.

Shipping only to lower 48 only.

Price added, updated WTT list with pictures.

Bump, added to WTT list

Wow, I feel stupid buying a SE from Amazon for 84 dollars when I could’ve gotten yours (which has Full Sanwa). *sigh maybe next time.

Good luck with sale.

-_- gimme a HRAP 3, MvC3 (for PS3), or a PS360pcb and it’s yours…

I think you should part it out if no one wants it whole. Did you try to sell it locally? Best of luck.

Damn, I’m getting MvC3 tomorrow after school. But what will I do with two sticks and no game to use it on LOL. And I live in Canada so that might slow down transactions.

Tried selling it locally, seems like anyone in this town games on 360 and don’t really play fighters. I have a guy from Canada who wants this, but I want to see if I can find someone a bit closer. Plus parting out kinda defeats the purpose of why I put it up in the first place, but it may even be a quicker out.

Play SSF4? lol. Just kidding

Hey, a buddy of mine NOT on SRK might want this… let me check with him.

Amount of hours? Overall condition on the SE?

I learned stick with this, so approximately 3 months or so. The white plungers and microswitches are the same ones I started out with, but the black outer ring are the new parts. I needed the new bases so the buttons wouldn’t “spin”. Don’t worry, the plungers and microswitches are Sanwas. There is nothing physically wrong with the stick, I just need a stick compatible for PC (PS3 Madcatz sticks are hit and miss with PC). I don’t really use it much anymore because I have a MvC2 TE stick.

Overall condition? I would say it’s gotten some pretty good use, but I’ve taken really good care of it though.

Bump, edited WTT list because I picked up MvC3 today.

He said he’ll pass - thanks anyway.

Added to WTT list

Are you seriously willing to trade that stick for two of those games? I’m interested, I’ve been wanting a fightstick since SFIV came out.
EDIT: Also PM’d. I could also just trade you infamous with a price drop.

I have all those games on your list but Ninja Gaiden and would be willing to trade.
Could always use more PS3 sticks. :smiley:

PM replied

Send me a PM!

Pending trade

Aaaand PM reply replied.

do you still have the sticks and do you still want to trade