WTT/S My stuff for your PS3 stick!

Looking for a trade on 1 or more of these items for a ps3 stick so I can play AH3. Pics can be provided with request, I will also consider selling these items by themselves. Ps2 sticks ALSO considered!

What I have:
360 Round 1-TE($110)
360 SSF4 ($30)
360 HRAP-EX(Cord is broken and needs repair however it’s quite fixable and the stick itself works fine. Stock buttons.) ($80)
Dreamcast system (Pre-2001.) with 2 controllers and VMU.($40)
My soul.

Thanks for looking.

I’m local & have a TE-S (white; PS3) for sale. I’ll PM you the info.

*I have a case.

  • Buttons and Stick (From Madcatz SE SF4 Stick) Never used. From first SE’s available.
    *Ctchulu Board.

Kinda like a DIY no sodder needed. let me know if you are interested. Can provide pics on request.

Hey man,I’m new here on SRK but your post is just what I was looking for. I’ve been considering trading my PS3 BlazBlue TE stick for your round 1 TE to switch to 360. Unfortunately I can’t PM you myself because my post count isn’t above two lol. PM when you can.

How much do you want for your soul?

Hey man do you still have the TE stick available? I’m still interested in a trade! The BlazBlue TE stick I mentioned in my previous post comes with original packaging and I’ve only used it around 3 weeks time.