WTT: My MadCatz TE (360) Stick for your Custom Stick

The stick is immaculate with nothing wrong with it. I bought it new just a few weeks ago. I just hate the size (I know I’m weird, everyones loves the TE size). Im looking for something a bit smaller.

A few preferences:
-Wooden/Metal/Heavy Plastic Case***
-Square Gate Stick***
-Japanese Style Button layout***
-Sanwa/Seimitsu Parts (Happ Buttons OK)
-PS3 Compatability

(Note: ***=Necessary)

Im willing to throw in a few more bucks if it is a very well made stick.

I’ll post pictures soon but everyone knows what these things look like. There are Zero cosmetic imperfections.

Im located in Bay Area, CA

PM me for more details.

TRADE ONLY unless indicated otherwise in an update.

Thanks guys!

For Quicker response email me at: lchavez7@horizon.csueastbay.edu